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Anime Review: I’m a Spider, So What? Season 1

I'm a Spider, So What?

I’m a Spider, So What? Left the anime fans with questions about whether it will return or not. However, let’s revisit the life of a spider girl inside the labyrinth. The anime is about a schoolgirl who got reborn in another world in a monstrous spider. The lady spider begins to fight for a living inside the dungeon without knowing the high-ranked monsters inside the labyrinth. Wakaba knows a Kumuko discovered that she is weakling around after encountering a powerful beast and decided to train to conquer the dungeon. Wakaba begins to adapt to the environment as she kills the monsters and eats them since there is no other food.

One day she killed a beast that tastes like beef and begins to feel like she is in her real world. In another world that looks like the labyrinth, some students got reincarnated. They became the Heroes who learned about the Demon Lors. The Heroes trains hard to face the Demon Lord. The Hero team is lead by Shun, who’s Hugo’s rival. Shun keeps on ignoring Hugo, who keeps on looking for a fight. But the two had a brawl during a school trip, and Sensei Filimos interferes and punishes Hugo for misbehaving. Later, Shun lost his brother and found that the Demon Lord is involved in his brother’s death.

Shun pact with Fei and trains for the upcoming battle with the Demon King. The story of Wakaba begins when the Demon Lord blasts the classroom in the real world, and all the students died that day. After everything vanished, the students got teleported from different locations and served a specific purpose. That was the day Wakaba separated from the real world and became the unlucky student sent to the labyrinth alone.

I’m a Spider, So What? Season 1 Summary

After arriving inside the labyrinth, Wakaba learns about the mighty Earth Dragon Araba and King Cobra that fight over to become the ruler of the dungeon. Wakaba watches their fight every day and takes note of how she will beat one of them after one of them gets killed. In the final battle, Araba managed to kill King Cobra, and Wakaba decided to challenge Araba for the title of the ruler of the dungeon. Wakaba gained immortality skills and realizes that she will revive if he kills her when she fights Araba.

The day of the battle arrives, and Wakaba defeated Araba after facing death, but she worried that Araba died without showing his overwhelming powers. Wakaba decides to leave the labyrinth despite knowing that no one disobeys ”Mother.” The spider girl took a risk and battles with the humans as she leaves the dungeon. Later, Wakaba arrives in a world where she enjoys eating different food and realizes she was tired of eating a tasteless monster. On her journey, she notices humans getting tortured by bandits.

Humankind vs. Elves

I'm a Spider So What

I’m a Spider, So What?

Wakaba hesitates to help humans, but she notices a little child and decides to save them. She battled with the bandits and killed all of them. Wakaba finds that she protect a vampire girl who is not aware of her powers. Wakaba earned a Divine Beast title after helping humans of Ohts kingdom and became the popular beast around the kingdom. The citizens start to believe that God has sent a Divine Beast to help them. They began guarding her for other domains not to reclaim her.

Wakaba became more robust due to her hard work since she falls under the catergory that scores fewer marks in the real world. Those who score less got reborn into a weak monster or spider. The Demon Lord ruling the other world knows Ariel. One day Mother notice that Wakaba has escaped and decided to follow her. During the chase, Wakaba returns to the labyrinth and battles with Mother’s army that she defeated and put Mother on a sleeping mode. Wakaba heads back to the new world and enjoys her life.

The war between humankind and elves begins where EWakaba enjoys the scene. She decided to watch the battle to see which army is more powerful. But she gets bored and decided to help the vampire girl’s kingdom and killed all the enemies with a single swoop. Wakaba finds that the Demon Lord has defeated the Earth Dragon, and she is heading to face her. Meanwhile, Shun battles with Hugo, who got beaten, and Sophis arrives with her army and defeats the Hero party. But the elves came to the rescue.

Where to Watch I’m a Spider, So What? Season 1

You can watch I’m a Spider, So What? Season 1 online on Crunchyroll. Also Read: What To Expect From Sonny Boy Episode 1?

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