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I’m a Spider So What? Episode 24 Delayed: Everything To Know

I'm a Spider So What?
I'm a Spider So What? Visual

I’m a Spider, So What? The upcoming episode 24 release was in June, but the anime’s release date got postponed due to some changes. The next episode’s release date is not confirmed, but it will arrive soon. The new date of the upcoming episode will announce later. But it seems as if the anime would continue from episode 24 after its first season. Let’s revisit the story of the spider girl. Wakaba or Komuko is a student who got reincarnated as a mosnter spider in another world.

The first day Wakaba arives, she thought it was a dream and later finds a monster spider. Before she arrived in the Otherside, Wakaba was a young student knows as Komuko who vanished after a mysterious beam destroys their school. Wakaba woke up in a labyrinth filled with vicious monsters and realizes that she has to survive or meet her end. The spider girl trains hard daily facing a different monster, and she gets forced to eat those monsters since there is no other energy source in the labyrinth.

The survival story of Wakaba begins as she conquers the labyrinth fighting ranked monsters. Wakaba starts to face the lowest-ranked beasts thinking that living in the labyrinth is an easy task. Later she encounters the high-ranked monsters and ends up fighting with the king of the ”labyrinth”, the earth dragon Araba. After smashing Araba, Wakaba thought that she had become the king of the dungeon, but ”Mother” arrives, and it is her nemesis. Wakaba escaped the labyrinth and arrived at the world of humans, where she saves the vampire girl. Potimos and his man begin to plan the war between humans and the elves.

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 24 Recap

Potimos, the leader of the elves, continues with his scheme of kidnapping humans children. But Sensei Filimos decided to reveal the truth to the hero party. Potimos visited the vampire girl’s family and enquired about the Devine Beast protecting the Ohts Kingdom. The king told Potimos that the Devine Beast has appeared, and they don’t know the whereabouts of the beast. Later, Shun and the hero party prepare to stop the war between the humans and the elves.

Wakaba sends Brain 1 and Brain 2 to check the updates of the war between the Demon Lord and the Earth Dragon in the labyrinth. Brain one reports that the battle is exciting, but it seems far from over. The war between humans and the elves has begun, and Wakaba comments on war like a soccer match. After noticing that the Ohts kingdom is getting punished, Waka dive into the middle of the war and decided to help the vampire girl’s kingdom.

I'm a Spider So What?

I’m a Spider, So What? Still

Demon Army

The first battle ended with a single blow, and Wakaba thought those humans who wanted to take Ohts kingdom were strong. But they disappointed her since they died with a single hit. After the battle, the Demon Lord appears, and Wakaba wonders how the Demon Lord trounced the Earth-Dragon. Meanwhile, on the other side, Shuna battled with Hugo and conquered Hugo. Sophia reveals her true colors, and the commander of the fourth Demon Army corp arrives and says the Demon Army is invading the elve village.

Sophia is glad that the plans are working accordingly, and Shun’s crew wonders why the commander is here. Shun realizes that Merazophis is working with the Demon Army. Hugo finds out that Sophia was using him and decided to get his revenge. The hero party finds that  Demon Army used the imperials as a distraction and increase their rank to invade the elf village. Hyrince talked about the battle between the elves and humans and how they will ambush the Demons.

Shun decided to fight with Sophia and Mezarophis. Mezarophis finished Hugo, who wanted to get revenge on Sophia and make her pay for using him. Shun and Sophia got involved in an intense brawl. Katia notice that Sophia is planning on something and warns Shun to withdraw. But Sophia manages to defeat Shun along with the hero party. Fortunately, the elves came to rescue and told Sophia to surrender with the commander. The final battle between Wakaba and the Demon Lord is about to begin.

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 24 Release Date

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 24 released date was postponed and the release date will get announced soon. You will be able to watch I’m a Spider, So What? on Crunchyroll.

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