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Spoilers & Preview: I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 22

I'm a Spider, So What
I'm a Spider, So What

Shun went to the water well; when he washes his face, he recalls all the times he spent with his brother. Finally, Hyrince arrived and gave Shun a towel to wipe his face. Hyrince said that the elves told him that the Empire would not come for two days. Meanwhile, in the nearby village, the warriors are slashing the elves into pieces. Shun met with Kunihiko Tagawa and Asaka. Hyrince reveals that Asaka and Tagawa have driven one of the Demon Army’s commanders during the previous battle. Asaka replies that it sounds like him.

Tagawa reminds Asaka that they were not the only ones during the battle. Hyrince comments that having the two at war is a significant relief. Hyrince shake hands with Asaki, and they decided to ally. Katia and Shun watch Hyrince making a deal with Asaka and Tagawa. Katia comments that Asaka and Tagawa are fairly well-known adventures. Shun realizes that he has not accomplished anything like an adventure. Katia told Shun not o worry since it won’t be long for them to reach their goal.

Previously on, I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 21

Katia reminds Shun that they will check the barrier now. The crew walked to the forest and arrived near the entrance. Asaki decided to find out how hard the wall is, and he told everyone to step back. Then, Asaki attacks the border with a lighting sword style. Shun notices that it is a magic sword. Asaki comments that he got the blade made from the remains of a dragon they took down.

But the lighting style didn’t impact the barrier, and Asaki thinks that the wall is unbreakable. So Hyrince asks Fei if she can help.
Fei replies that if Asaki’s attack didn’t do anything, she can’t help with anything.¬†Shun comments that the pride of elves is an impenetrable barrier. Katia replies that Hugo might not be interested in doing that.

Katia reveals that the Imperial Army’s goal is to subdue the elves, and if the barrier is on Army’s way, they can bring it down from the inside. Tagwa wonders how the Army can break through. Katia replies that the Army can use the teleportation circle to enter like what they did and disable it.

I'm a Spider So What

I’m a Spider So What

Imperial Army

Katia also reveals that there must be someone inside the elf village working with the Army. The elves wonder if there is a traitor among them. Katia shows that the Imperial Army commander, Hugo, possesses mind control powers. Katia comments that for them to be on the safe side, the circle should be temporarily disabled. The leader of the elves group said that there is no need for that and no humans can threaten the elves.

The punk elves comment that one of Shun’s crew members would fall for those tricks since they are the ones who are weak. Anna realizes that her kind knows nothing about the Imperial Amy and how powerful they are. The elf gang teases Anna that she is an elf, but she believes in humans. Fei and Shun defense Anna and put the elf gang in their place. The elves comment that they have confirmed the barrier’s strength. Both teams decided to go back and begin with their plans. Fei wonders why they are helping those cocky elves.

Shun and his crew walk to the login point, and Fei realizes that it is too far. On their way, they met with Filimo-Sensei, who told them that she would escort them. Filimos told the crew that before the battle begins, she wants to say something to them. Filimos talked about the reincarnations and the secrets around the elf village. Later they met with Kusama, and Katia suspect that Kusama might be their enemy. Shun notices that the guy is Shinobu Kusama, a Ninja. In the morning, the war breaks out between humans and elves.

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 22 Release Date

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 22 release date is 11 June 2021, at 9:30 PM. You will be able to watch I’m a Spider, So What?, Crunchyroll.

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