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Spoilers & Preview: I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 21

I'm a Spider So What
I'm a Spider So What?

Ever since Wakaba earned the title Divine Beast, she enjoyed her life daily. Humans worship and take good care of her. Wakaba has teleport back to another world after realizing that the Demon Lord is after her. She has managed to retrieve Brain 1 and Brain 2, but she has lost Brain 3. In the morning, humans gathered around Wakaba, offering her different food. Note that I’m a Spider, So What? has three episodes left to conclude the episode finale. Let’s find out more about Spider girl below.

The guards arrive and interrupt Wakaba from enjoying her food. Wakaba asks the guards who they are. The guards ask Wakaba if she is the Nightmare of the Labyrinth. Wakaba wonders what this guy is talking about, and she continues to enjoy eating her food. The guards’ leader comments that he can’t believe that a tinny insect-like Wakaba destroyed one of their fortresses. Wakaba wonders who this guy is calling insect. She realizes that it is challenging to speak human language, but she understands few words.

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Wakaba realizes that ever since she has arrived in this world, she has never destroyed anything. She wonders who destroyed the fortress and recalls the first time she escaped from the Labyrinth. That day Wakaba decided not to kill humans, by they keep on attacking her. Wakaba realizes that she got forced to destroy the wall to escape since she can’t kill humans. The guards blame her for ruining the wall, thinking that she wanted to kill them. Wakaba wonders if these guards were there when she tried to escape.

The guards’ leader reveals that the Kingdom of Ohts is willing to give Wakaba a place to stay. Wakaba can’t believe that guy and finds that the Kingdom of Ohts can’t accept her since she has destroyed her. The guys who worshiped Wakaba as a Divine Beast refuse for Wakaba to go. The citizens stood up with that guy realizing that God has sent this Devine Beast to help them. That guy points his spear to the leader of the guards of the Kingdom of Ohts. He told them to show respect in front of the Divine Beast.

One of the cocky guards wields his blade and aims to kill everyone in a single blow. The guards’ leader told the guy to take his sword back, and he can handle this. He reminds the citizens what it means to point a weapon to the royal guards of the Kingdom of Ohts. The citizens get scared and realize that those guards are not the ones to be messed up.

Little Dracula

I'm a Spider So What

I’m a Spider So What

The leader of the guards comments that the Divine Beast belongs to the Kingdom of Ohts. Wakaba keeps on enjoying food like nothing is happening. But she is not like the behavior of the leader of the guards. The leader of the guards told Wakaba that she has no right to refuse to come with him. Wakaba swallowed a watermelon and used her skill to shoot the seeds of watermelon towards the guards. When the guards are distracted, Wakaba makes a spider web net and carries all her food while running away.

The leader of the guards notices that and wonders why they allow her to escape. He shouts at Wakaba that he can’t be insulted by insect-like Wakaba. Wakaba continues to dash at full speed. Meanwhile, the King has received a few letters of threats. He thanks the Divine Beast since his Kingdom is protected. The guards pass near the King and realize that those are the bad guys. The King knows that those Ohts guards are here to take the Divine Beast, and the Ohts Kingdom is not safe from the enemies.

In the afternoon, Wakaba relaxes and continues to enjoy human food. She is worried if Lil Drac is fine. Wakaba realizes that humans are after the Human-Vampire girl. But the girl is not aware of her incredible powers. She realizes that she has to run if the Demon Lord shows up. Meanwhile, at the Elf Village, Filmos decided to protect humans that Patmos has kidnaped. She realizes that Pitmos kidnap young kids for money, and Filmos chose to stick with the hero party and take down Patmos.

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 21 Release Date

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 21 will release on Friday, 4 June 2021, at 9:30 PM. You will be able to watch I’m a Spider, So What? on Crunchyroll.

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