I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 16: Preview and Recap

I'm a Spider So What
I'm a Spider So What

At the labyrinth, Mother is left with other kids and the closest friends to Wakaba. Magic Brain 1 currently finds herself inside of Mother’s mental landscape. But she was slacking, and Magic 2 calls her to get down and work with her. Magic 1 heads back to work and comments this is why nobody likes muscle-brained athletic types. Mother noticed that Magi 2 is not doing her job right, and she kicks her away. Magic 2 got sent flying, but she landed on the back of Mother.

She started rolling while saying it hurts, and Magic 1 realizes that Magic 2 is a drama queen. Magic 1 reminds Magic 3 about Heresy Nullification, and Magic 3 comments that Magic 2 cannot feel pain since Heresy Nullification can nullify any damage to the mind. Brain 2 gets up and m that there is nothing wrong with her actions. Magic 3 replies that it is a waste of time. Magic 1 is wondering why they keep on attacking Mother, but she seems not to fight back.

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Magic 2 asks if Heresy’s Nullification means she can’t fight back even if she wants to. Magic 3 comments that worrying about it isn’t going to get the answers, but they can finish eating and return to their bodies. Meanwhile, in the other world, Wakaba is climbing the tree thinking about the human-vampire she has just saved. She realizes that the girl was a target and bandits want to kill her. Wakaba thinks that being a spider is good since she has few enemies.

Wakaba decided not to thinks about the human-vampire and focus on her business. She realizes that she hasn’t heard anything from the Parallel Minds she sent after Mother. Wakaba thinks that it means nothing is bad since the Parallel Minds has not reported anything. In the labyrinth, the trio continues to do their work, and they are eating a huge glass spider. Magic 3 comments that she thinks they will pull this one away. Magic 2 acts like she is the one doing the hard job.

She told the other two that when she looks away, they start slacking. She commands them to do their work and finish this in time. Magic 1 comments that it will take a while but Mother will collapse after they have finished. They wonder why Mother is not doing anything about this. Magic 2 reveals that Mother has given up since she is too big to get outside.

Immortal Puppet

I'm a Spider So What
I’m a Spider So What

Magic 3 asks the two what they are talking about. She replies that they are talking about Mother, who is not doing anything. Magic 2 looks down and notices that Mother has offsprings, but she is not protecting them, and they wonder what she is up to. She comments that Mother has left few Archs, and Magic 1 realizes that if she sends multiple Archs, they’d have a decent chance of winning. Magic 2 comments that if they get defeated, their bodies will be teleported away.

Magic 1 thinks that if they get attacked, they will run away, and Magic 3 comments that only losers run away. She reveals that they have been connected to Mother ever since they were born. Magic 2 comments that Mother doesn’t care since she has many offspring. The trio thinks that Mother keeps an eye on them, and they think that she is the one who sent a big army to attack them earlier. They realize that Mother is smart and she is doing one step at a time. Magic 2 comments that is why Mother hasn’t done anything.

Suddenly Mother attacks, and she manages to create an opening that leads her to the other side. On the other side, a huge light appears behind Wakaba, who doesn’t notice it since she thought about tasting different food. Wakaba enjoys eating different fruits and comments that she is glad to be outside. She heard the ground shaking and saw a shadow of a huge monster.

When she turns back, she realizes that it is Mother and wonders how Mother arrived here. Wakaba comments that she is not fighting someone five times stronger than Wakaba. She decided to run and head back to the labyrinth, where she battles with a puppet and Mother’s army. Wakaba decided to hide since the enemies were too powerful. She decided that she will first train and evolve to face those powerful enemies.

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 16 Release Date and Preview

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 16 will release on Friday, 30 April 2021, at 9:30 PM. You will be able to watch I’m a Spider, So What? Online on  kumo-anime.com, and officially on Crunchyroll.


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