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Preview and Recap: I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 13

I'm a Spider So What

The battle between King of the Dungeon Araba and the master of Annihilating Evil Eye begins. Wakaba encounters Araba and challenges him to a death battle. She said that she wants to conquer the dungeon. They both started to exchange magical spells trying to knock each other down. Wakaba decided to fight at a distance to gain more advantage. Araba started to chase her, and she unleashes Magic Brain 1 and 2. Magic Brain one and 2 started firing cannons at Araba.

Wakaba notices that every time Araba gets injured, he regenerates quickly. She realizes that she doesn’t have another way to end the battle. Waka decided that she has to make Araba thinks that she is a worthy opponent. Araba unleashes a dragon breath, and Wakaba teleports before the attack hits her. She comments that she hates to interrupt Araba in the middle of his dragon breath. Araba notices that she is mocking him because his dragon breath didn’t hit her.

Previously on I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 12

Wakaba slams Araba, but he hits her with his tail before smashing with the ground. Araba protests himself with gravity magic and attacks back with it. He was trying to confuse Wakaba to focus on his attacks. He appears behind her, but she dodges when he tries to swallow her. Wakaba loses her balance, but she unleashes her spider webs to get out of Araba’s trap. When she is flying using her spider webs, she notices that the whole dungeon has been set with a trap. But she managed to land on her magical shield spell.

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Wakaba realizes that her first plan has failed since the ranged combat doesn’t put her at an advantage. She has been using all kinds of Evil Eyes since the battle began, and nothing is working. Waka is wondering why Annihilating Evil Eye is not working, but Araba is breathing heavily. She has noticed that Arab’s Rot my cost her an eye.

I'm a Spider So What

I’m a Spider So What

Deadly Poison Synthesis

Araba attacks with his claws, and Wakaba dodges while making web traps for Araba. She is glad that she has managed to restrain Araba for now. Wakaba realizes that there is a move that she has not tried to use on Araba. She raises her front legs and unleashes Deadly Poison Synthesis. Waka performers a Torrential Deadly Poison downpour and showers Araba with her attacks. She asks Araba how the deadly poison tastes like. Araba suffered some injuries and started to blast holes in Wakaba webs.

Wakaba notices that Araba will manage to survive his blast, and she made repairs to the web that are destroyed. But Araba fights even though he is not in good shape. He manages to get out of Wakaba’s nest. Araba tries to swallow Wakaba, and he got her this time, but she mocks him for falling into her trap. Araba tries to jump back, but it was too late for him. She uses her webs, deadly poison, and a Heresy Magic called Phantom Pain to seal Araba. Wakaba comments that it doesn’t damage, but it hurts like hell.

Since Araba has got Pain Super-Mitigation, it will be a while since he felt anything like it. Wakaba realizes that Araba will use his breath to blast free despite the damage it will cause him. She decided to finish him with all the magic she has before he breaks free. While she is showering him with heavy blows, Araba manages to blast free using his dragon breath. Wakaba jumps away when the web explodes, and Araba emerges with new Fire Magic Level 10 Flame Magic. She notices that Araba has picked up all the skills to counter her.

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Demon Lord

I'm a Spider So What

I’m a Spider So What

Wakaba uses her Evil Eyes and discovers that Araba has the highest class of fire magic, which is her weakness. He has also mastered a Flame Resistance along with Black Magic Resistance and a way to track teleportation. Wakaba realizes that she has fought enemies who thought tactically before. But none of them came with a plan for her, and it seems as if Araba has come prepared. Wakaba analyzes Araba’s skills, and she finds that he has over 40000 skills. She also finds that he was saving them to use them when he is in trouble.

Araba wants to spend all of his skills to kill Wakaba. Wakaba is glad that if a beast-like Araba uses all of his powers, it means she is a threat. She decided that she has to show Araba that she is also a real deal. Araba started to attack Wakaba with different flame magic. Wakaba comments that he is cheating since he is melting everything into lava. After a long battle, Araba accepted a draw, and Wakaba scolded him for giving up. Araba;’s HP has dropped down to zero, and he vanishes.

Wakaba evolves and realizes that she has defeated her nemesis Araba all by herself. Meanwhile, in the real world, the Demon Lord talks with Baltos about the Earth-Dragon. She reveals that she has enjoyed defeating them in the past. Shun is wondering if the Demon Lord has killed his brother. He heads out to avenge his brother while Wakaba has found the exit.

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I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 13 Release Date and Preview

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 13 will release on Friday, 2 April 2021, at 9:30 PM. You will be able to watch I’m a Spider, So What? online on, and officially on Crunchyroll.


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