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I’m A Spider, So What? Episode 13 Review

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

I’m a Spider, So What? has become a sensational isekai. Animated under Millepensee studio, it has a unique concept. The anime aired from January 8 till March 26, 2021. Many had a misconception that the series was coming to an end with the 12th episode, but that was only the end of the first cour. The second cour resumed on April 9, 2021.

The anime uses beautiful character design and reasonable CGI. Plotwise, the anime has been going quite steadily. Nothing feels too rushed nor too slow. I’m A Spider, So What? has been adapted from the light novel by the same name. It is written by Okina Baba. The novel has completed 14 volumes to date and is still ongoing.

The plot of the anime revolves around a girl who was reincarnated into another world as a spider. This story progresses as Kumoko, the spider, makes use of her immense mental strength to survive a difficult situation. Making use of adorable arts, the anime offers an outstandingly entertaining anime for 2021.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains severe spoilers from episode 13 of I’m A Spider, So What? If you haven’t watched the episode, please refrain from reading ahead!

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I’m A Spider, So What?: Episode 13

Kumo desu ga, Nani Ka?

Kumoko is finally out of her Labyrinth: I’m A Spider, So What? Episode 13

Following the events of episode 12, Kumoko is finally out of the Labyrinth after defeating Araba. Now that she is out, she enjoys the colorful environment around her. However, she starts feeling hungry. She searches for a village nearby and finally finds one. But, she realizes that she is still a spider, so finding food might not be easy for her. She refuses to eat butterflies and keeps searching for food. She discovers a new skill where she can transform partially into a human. Excited, she tries to transform, but she is interrupted by her hunger.

She is called by her Mother. Kumoko denies her orders and decides to move ahead. On her search, she sees big spiders coming her way. A battle breaks down between Kumoko and her siblings. She uses all her skills to defeat the Arch Taractet. She sets a trap for the army of spiders and teleports the leader to the underground. After some effort, she drowns his body in lava but brings it back too so that she can eat it. After eating the Arch Taractet, she teleports back to the surface and rewards the other spiders with the same fate.

The mother contacts her again. Knowing that the mother is very angry, Kumoko wishes to eliminate all contact with her and decides to break the channel between them.

The Humans

Kumo Desu ga Nani ka?

Filimos (left) and Potimas (right): I’m A Spider, So What? Episode 13.

After the death of Julius, the situation of the humans is quite grim. They seek the help of Elves, who warn them that they should take steps with full intelligence. Potimas says that the Demon Lord is very strong and needs to be carefully dealt with. Karnatia and Suelecia are worried for Schlain. Hugo has returned from banishment and is probably plotting a revenge plan.

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I’m A Spider, So What?: Episode 13 Review

The new cour opens with a brand new opening theme that is winning the fanbase. The ending theme is a great addition to the all-new cour.

The quality of the anime seems quite improved too. Animations and CGI of I’m A Spider, So What? becomes a point worth appreciating whenever there are fight scenes. The battle between Kumoko and her siblings was extremely well executed. What made this bit even more fun was Kumoko’s dialogue deliveries. Her absolutely cute manner of dealing with surprising situations will be something I’ll never get over.

After the intense battle in episode 12, episode 13 has resumed the cute and aesthetic forms of the anime.

The anime is progressing quite smoothly. So far in we have been given some important data about Kumoko’s new skills. Additionally, we see more from humans. It is quite interesting to wonder how the anime would turn out once Kumoko meets the humans.

Either way, the new cour that aired on 9 April was a fun tour. It was detailed, and at the same time, it had enough suspense to keep the story going.

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