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Spoilers & Preview: I Promised You The Moon Episode 4

I Promised You The Moon Episode 4 Release Date
Promotional Poster for I Promised You The Moon (Credit: LINE TV)

I Promised You The Moon is an ongoing BL drama from Thailand. It is the second part and sequel to I Told Sunset About You. The second part takes place in Bangkok and features their relationship after getting into the university. I Promised You The Moon episode 4 release date is coming nearer as the series is moving towards its end. The series features PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn and Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul in the leading role. They are depicting Oh-aew and Teh’s role in both parts. Furthermore, the whole series is all about their relationship and them falling in love.

The second part, I Promised You The Moon, will determine whether Teh and Oh-awe’s relationship will overcome all the struggles or break off in the end. Tossaphon Riantong is directing the show with Kate Karakade Norasethaporn and Ham Vasudhorn Piyaromna as the screenwriters. The series also has a side story and documentary, Last Twilight in Phuket and I Promised You the Moon: The Documentary. Apart from LINE TV, the series is available on Vimeo for streaming. It will come to an end on June 24, 2021. 

I Promised You The Moon Episode 3: A Glimpse into the Episode

I Promised You The Moon episode 3 starts with a girl telling something about wine and love. Then, we came to know a play rehearsal is going on between Teh and a girl. However, we see some reluctance on Teh’s part when the time came for kissing the girl. Jai, the one directing the play, stops the scene between them and asks whether he has gone through the homework given to him. Teh answers yes, to which Jai says why it seems like he is acting only because the script told him to do so and not of his own accord.

What is the release date of I Promised You The Moon Episode 4?

A glimpse into the scenes of I Promised You The Moon (Credit: LINE TV)

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Later on, Jai hands all the actors logbooks of their own for writing down everything they do in their workshops. Furthermore, they have to show him the same every day. Jai asks Teh for going to meet with Khim and Top. However, he rejects him, to which Jai asks him to talk and resolve everything with Khim. Teh also encourages Jai that his script is nice and the play will also be good. Jai asks Teh whether he is going to see the play with Oh-aew. Then, we see how Teh and Oh-aew are having some differences and conflicts in their relationship.

Teh wrote down everything in the logbook. Then, Oh-awe begins talking about his relationship with his friends. Furthermore, Teh is facing problems in playing his character in the play. The same thing he confides in with Jai. Teh sees Jai making out with Miss May. Jai discovers the same due to which they had an awkward moment between them. Moreover, Teh and Jai bonds with each other, and Teh makes out with Oh-awe. In the ending, Oh-awe wents to visit Teh but saw him kissing Jai.

I Promised You The Moon Episode 4: Release Date

I Promised You The Moon episode 4 release date is June 17, 2021, at 6:30 pm on Line TV. Thus, there are three days left for the coming of episode 4. It will air on the Thursday of this week. Furthermore, it is the penultimate episode of the series. After that, only one more episode will be left for premiering for the completion of the season. I Promised You The Moon has five episodes as a whole. Until now, it has completed airing three episodes and airs only on one day, Thursday of the week. Thus, the show is soon coming towards its end. 

I Promised You The Moon Episode 4: What May Happen?

I Promised You The Moon Episode 4 does not have an exclusive preview. However, in the last episode, we saw how Oh-awe is left heartbroken after seeing Teh kissing Jai. The upcoming episode will feature Oh-awe confronting Teh. Their relationship is already seeing differences. The same will lead to more problems and differences. It may also lead to their breakup. Episode 4 will also feature whether Jai and Teh have any feelings for each other or just did the kissing in the heat of the moment. Furthermore, it will showcase whether Teh was successful in playing his part or not.

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