‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11: Yukino and Fujishiro Are Forming A Bond

‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’
‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’

The roles have reversed for Fujishiro and Chitose. Before this, Fujishiro was chasing after Chitose but now she is the one falling for him. In the ‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11 article, we will find out what is going on with this two. In the recent episodes, the tone of the drama has changed and Fujishiro is more focused on his career than he is on Chitose. Just as she is starting to fall for Sena he is grabbing every chance he could to make her insecure. Moreover, Chitose is paranoid about the relationship between Fujishiro and his co-star Yukino.

I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11 will be the second last episode of the drama and we will see Chitose jumping hoops to get Fujishiro’s attention in this episode. The cast has done amazing work on their characters. One such actor is Sato Eriko, her character took a 360-degree turn and she went from being a sweet, concerned person to a rude and cunning manager. There’s a lot to cover in the story till now so let’s get to it.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Fujishiro confesses his feelings for Chitose and this makes things complicated for her. As she is his manager and also living with him she has no idea how she should respond to his confession. However, Sena decides to make her fall in love with him. Everything is going well until an article is published about them dating. A reporter captured Chitose going into Sena’s apartment late at night. Let’s find out if Chitose will get fired as her secret is out.

‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11
‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11

The next day Chitose apologizes to her superiors saying it’s all her fault. Our sweet manager is ready to take responsibility for her actions. She explains why she is living with Sena but Mr. Higashiyama Kazuki misunderstands. He thinks that Chitose was at Fujishiro’s place for a meeting so he tells her to be more careful while visiting. Just as the situation seems to be under control Fujishiro arrives and starts apologizing. In the end, everyone goes on their way thinking it was just a misunderstanding.

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Chitose Is Jealous Of Fujishiro’s Co-Star

The next day on the film set everyone is gossiping about Fujishiro and Chitose. Even though Fujishiro is generally okay with people gossiping about him this time it is bothersome. As he is sitting stressed about the rumor Ms. Yukino approaches him and tries to cheer him up. After Fujishiro feels a little secure they go back to reading their script. At the same time, Fujishiro does not notice that Chitose is watching them from afar. She isn’t just observing but also feeling jealous of Yukino.

Fujishiro’s Final Take

Fujishiro’s emotional scene was incomplete because the director stayed put saying that his acting was not on point. Everyone is concerned if Sena will be able to make it count this time. As the scene starts Sena is unrecognizable and completes the scene in one take. Everyone including the director is surprised and it seems like Sena is a different person.

Finally, the team is shooting the last scene of the film and it is an emotionally intimate scene. In the scene, Fujishiro and Yukino are playing piano together and their acting is so good that it seems like they are a real couple. After the final scene is wrapped the actors give a farewell speech and Ms. Yukino says that she will miss this set. Moreover, she added that it will be hard to stay apart from Fujishiro as she spent every day with him. Hearing this makes Chitose uncomfortable and her smile vanishes.

‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11
‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11

The Wrap Party

When there’s a film there’s also a wrap party and everyone looks forward to it. While everyone is enjoying themselves Kagami and Chitose are wondering where is Yukino. While they are talking a sexy-looking lady with a devious and strong personality enters the room. It was the same sweet Yukino who changed her whole personality for her new role.

While Kagami and Chitose leave the party Fujishiro and Yukino head over to the after-party. Feeling suffocated in a room they decide to go out for some fresh air. As they are standing in the garden Yukino’s hair flow with the wind and Fujishiro is looking at her beauty. One thing leads to another then Yukino suggests they go someplace else.

While Fujishiro is out all night Chitose is tumbling in her blanket trying to reach him. The next morning when Fujishiro returns home he keeps telling her amazing things about Yukino and as he passes Chitose she notices Yukino’s perfume on him. They get into an argument because of this but Fujishiro ends the fight by saying that Chitose is not even his girlfriend.

Yukino Shirakawa
Yukino Shirakawa

After the shoot the next day Fujishiro and Chitose are not talking to each other. At the set Chitose is standing away looking at Fujishiro and Yukino get photographed. While she is standing alone Ms. Nara comes to her and makes her even more insecure by saying that Fujishiro and Yukino will be the hot couple for a while. As they are leaving the set Fujishiro ditches Chitose and gets into Yukino’s car. Have Fujishiro’s feelings changed for Chitose after he met Yukino? Find out about this in ‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11.

‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11 Release Date

The ongoing Japanese drama ‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ is going to give us some major plot twists in the upcoming episode. ‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Episode 11 release date is 8th December 2021. We suspect that Fujishiro’s feelings for Chitose have changed while Chitose is just starting to fall in love with him. In the upcoming episode, we will see Fujishiro and Yukino spend more time with each other and Chitose will not be able to handle it.

Where To Watch ‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’

New episodes of ‘I Mean, I Want to Say I Like It’ Japanese drama is released every Saturday on Paravi and Tv Tokyo network. So the people living in Japan can watch the new episodes on their television. As for international fans, there is no official site to stream the drama. Still, we are here to cover the details of the story for you. To find out what happens with Fujishiro and Chitose stay tuned with Otakukart.

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