I Am Frankie Season 2 Episode 8: I Am… Under Suspicion

I Am Frankie is really what Frankie is all about. Frankie has been exploring how is it to be a human as we started the second season. Not to forget that her friend Dayton is helping a lot to help her understand the things better. As we saw that Frankie has been trying hard to rescue Andrew, and made all efforts to do so.

She roped in Tammy, but still, her plans went for nothing as they could not carry out a plan. And not to forget, Simone is a new android in Andrew’s room. And further story became a hilarious tale, which we will discuss ahead. So let’s get started with I Am Frankie season 2 episode 7 release date and spoilers.

I Am Frankie Season 2 Episode 8: I Am… Under Suspicion

The show has really got something to deliver, as a science fiction story is way above people’s thinking. The show is into its second season, and seven episodes have been broadcasted. The eighth episode of I Am Frankie season 2 will be broadcast on 17 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on Nickelodeon channel.

We saw previously that Andrew and his new partner Simone organized a break out from WARPA facility. Meanwhile, Dayton, Cole, and Frankie come out with a dangerous plan to rescue Andrew, unaware of Andrew’s intentions to breach out. Also, Tammy was behaving weird, and then it came out that a chip was planted on him which was causing that.

When Frankie and team broke into WARPA facility, to find out and release Andrew, they got to know that he is missing. Now that was like they came in, and Andrew and Simone got out! What a coincidence, isn’t it? In the upcoming episode, we will see that Frankie and others find out Andrew and Simone in an unconscious state, so they should work hard to revive them anyhow as they have to vanish away from WARPA agents.

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