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Hyuna and E’Dawn: The Couple That Rules The Kpop Industry

Hyuna and E'Dawn comeback duet collaboration ping-pong mv photoshoot

P Nation’s Hyuna and E’Dawn have been in a relationship for the past five years. Branded as K-pop’s most iconic couple, the pair broke the industry’s norms and revealed their relationship publicly in 2018, stating that they had been together for two years. The consequences of this decision were severe for the couple. After heavy discussions, their company eventually fired them. However, both the stars stood strong and overcame the obstacles they faced together.

Hyuna and E’Dawn belonged to the same agency, ‘Cube Entertainment’. It is home to many K-pop artists, including Lightsum, G-idle, Pentagon, and BTOB. Hyuna debuted in 2007 as a part of the girl-group ‘Wonder Girls’, whereas E’Dawn debuted in 2016 with the boy-group ‘Pentagon’. They came to work together for a project called ‘Triple-H’ in 2017. It included Hyuna, E’Dawn, and his fellow team member Hui. The trio was one of the few co-ed groups in K-pop.

Upon appearing on the variety show Knowing Bro’s, Hyuna opened up about how they got together. She admitted to having liked him first when he was still a trainee under their company. Hyuna also mentioned that she was the first to confess and ask him out.

Hyuna and E’Dawn’s Difficult Road to Love

In the K-pop industry, dating is considered very controversial. Many companies include dating bans that extend for a good period of time after the debut in their contracts. Idols are advised to proceed with heavy caution to prevent getting caught if they date. This restriction on idols has been getting a lot of criticism from overseas fans, who think it is ridiculous to treat idols in this manner. The fans think that idols should be allowed to live at ease like everyone else.

Hyuna E'Dawn Triple H conference 365 fresh 2018

Hyuna and E’Dawn

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The majority of Korean netizens believe that idols should establish themselves and their group and focus on fan interaction before they publicly shine a light on their love lives. A lot of fans feel betrayed and enraged, as they feel their affection is not being reciprocated and think the attention they deserve is being diverted elsewhere.

For similar reasons, Hyuna and E’Dawn received a lot of unpleasant responses when they went public with their relationship. Cube entertainment believed the lack of trust between artist and company was significantly disappointing and eventually fired both the stars. However, this did not discourage the couple from being affectionate on their social media. Soon, in January of 2019, both the artists signed with PSY’s P Nation.

Are Hyuna and E’Dawn Still Going Strong?

On October 18 of 2019, it was revealed that E’Dawn would launch his solo career under the name ‘Dawn’. On November 5, Hyuna and E’Dawn debuted under P Nation with their singles’ Flower Shower’ and ‘Money,’ respectively.

Hyuna has since made a comeback with an EP ‘I’m not cool’. E’Dawn participated in writing the title track. They also worked together for a single titled ‘Party, Feel, Love.’ The couple then collaborated to release their first-ever duet EP’ 1+1=1′ on September 9. During an online conference for the mini-album release, Hyuna mentioned how she never thought she’d work with him. She also discussed how astonished she was at their chemistry while working together on the EP. The MV for the title track ‘Ping-Pong’ shows the couple flaunting an intense connection in a vibrant eccentric setting.

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Hyuna E'Dawn Ping Pong duet collaboration mini album comeback mv

Hyuna and E’Dawn

Hyuna Gushes About E’Dawn

Hyuna did a radio interview with MBC in August of 2020, where she discussed her love life. She mentioned how she had never gotten tired of their relationship despite dating for five years. The couple has been openly adoring each other, especially on their Instagram accounts. Hyuna once shared a video of E’Dawn helping her with album packaging on her story with a caption that thanked him extensively.

Despite the initial backlash they faced, Hyuna and E’Dawn’s relationship has garnered a lot of interest from fans worldwide. The cute yet chic and affectionate nature of the couple has gained them many supporters since the outbreak of their dating news. Many fans are eagerly waiting to witness the next step in their relationship.

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