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Hypixel Studios’ Hytale: What We Know So Far

Hytale featured

Hytale is an upcoming sandbox RPG by Canadian game studio Hypixel Studios. This game has been in development for a long time, 2015 to be precise. Hypixel is now a part of Riot Games as they acquired the company in 2020. The 2021 release was announced way back in 2019 by Hypixel Studios. The Hytale trailer was a viral hit among the gaming community. It amassed a total of 57 million views.

This game’s launch has already been delayed by 2 years. Yes, the game was originally planned to launch in 2019 but due to a lot of reasons, the development of this game was slowed down. After realizing the potential of this game it took the entire gaming industry by storm, the scope of the project completely changed, seemingly overnight. The team has since stated again and again that they are working tremendously hard to “get this right” and a “a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. These words were originally said by Shigeru Miyamoto, a Nintendo developer.

hytale environment

Hypixel Studios is a huge name in the industry. Hypixel Studios is very famous for creating the Minecraft servers. If you don’t know, the Hypixel servers offer a series of popular mini-games like SkyWars and showcase adventure maps. They’re an incredibly famous force within the Minecraft community and broke many server milestones, which helped the studio win Guinness World Records for concurrent players in one instance.

Gameplay and Plot

As stated above, this is a sandbox game, meaning an open-world adventure where you can do literally anything you would have imagined. Well, this sound similar to Minecraft doesn’t it? Well, actually there are a lot of differences between these two games which look so similar. Gaming enthusiasts and geeks have already uploaded so much content on Youtube and Reddit where they explain how both these games differ from each other. If we have a look at the official statement by Hypixel Studios, this is what the game is about.

Hytale item creation

Hytale combines the vastness of a sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game, immersing players in a world where sky-high towers and deep dungeons promise great rewards. The game is designed with keeping in mind the creative players. Hytale’s engine supports block-by-block castle construction, scripting and customization using easy to use and powerful tools. If you visit their site there is a monthly update article for every month from July 2020 till now. Hypixel Studios is already working hard to build a loyal community/fan base even before the game has launched.

You can enjoy this game in co-op and single player. Warriors, crafters, and explorers will get along pretty well. Hytale will also offer collectible gear which can be picked up by wiping out the creatures roaming around the game’s many zones. You’ll also be able to grow crops, build vehicles, raise pets, tame mounts, and create custom characters. There will be an anti-cheat mode to make sure the game’s competitive mode is played under fair conditions.

Something Special for Creators?

As mentioned on their official site, Hypixel will make sure players get enough opportunities to experiment in this game. The game will have scripting mechanics, a browser-based 3D modeling software kit, and all other necessary tools which may make this game a creators’ paradise.

Hytale Release Date

You can see the trailer of this game above. You will surely get a strong feeling of Minecraft but a lot of people believe that this game is much better than Minecraft. Minecraft is probably the undisputed king of sandbox gaming for years. Hytale looks promising. After 6 years of development, or maybe more than that, everyone expects Hytale to be the next blockbuster. Its trailer has already gassed up the fans, will the game be able to deliver?, or will Hytale underperform and go under the radar. Will Minecraft finally have a challenge in the sandbox RPG genre or will they stay the undisputed kings forever? A lot of questions will be answered once the game arrives on the market.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a date yet. Even the officials have not given any hints on the launch. In a blog post in December, they wrote “We don’t currently have a launch plan for Hytale. When we do, and we’re confident in it, we’ll tell you – and we’ll be as specific as we possibly can be,”. But don’t worry, we will keep you updated with every single major news about this game. Till then you can tell us what are your thoughts about this game in the comments section below.

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