Hypnotic Ending Explained: What Happened To Dr. Collin Meade?

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Hypnotic Ending Explained

What was the ‘Hypnotic’ ending? What happened in the psychological thriller movie? The newly released 2021 American movie ‘Hypnotic’ ending left many wondering what happened at the conclusion. Matt Angel and Suzanne Cote directed the movie, whereas Richard D’Ovidio wrote the screenplay of this movie. The 88 minutes long movie was released on October 27, 2018. ‘Hypnotic’ further features talented actors, like Kate Siegel as Jenn Thompson, Jason O’Mara as Dr. Collin Meade, and Dule Hill as Detective Wade Rollins. ‘Hypnotic’ presents a lot of thrilling sequences throughout the series.

The movie is about an amazing hypnotherapist and woman who takes therapy from him. However, there is some sort of mystery to the therapist, and he might have links to the deaths of some women in the movie. Further, the performance by the actors in the thriller movie is phenomenal. But the movie received mixed praises from the audience and critics for the directing and writing. However, the ‘Hypnotic’ ending left fans with many questions in their head. Thus, we will explain the ‘Hypnotic’ ending in this article. Further, beware of reading this article as it will contain many spoilers. So avoiding spoilers, you can watch the movie on Netflix before reading this article.

How Jenn Meets Dr. Collin Meade?

‘Hypnotic’ movie begins with a woman, Andrea Bowen. She was looking really tense, and then she called someone named Detective Wade Rollins. After the call, she runs to an elevator, and she receives a call from an unknown number, which she answers. But from the other side on the call, a man tells her this is how the world ends. After hearing it, she feels like the elevator’s walls are closing in towards her, and then she screams after feeling claustrophobic. Then the movie shifts towards another woman, Jenn Thompson, who was attending her friends Gina’s party.

What Happened In Hypnotic
Jenn Thompson

But at the party, Jenn wasn’t looking good. It felt like she was going through some sort of trauma, and further, we got to know she was jobless. Further, Jenn meets a man, Brian, at the party with whom she was having an awkward moment. Later, we get to know that Brian was none other than Jenn’s ex-boyfriend. Seeing the poor state of Jeen, Gina suggests her friend see a therapist. Further, Gina even introduces Jenn to her therapist, Dr. Collin Meade. Gina even reveals that since attending Dr. Collin’s therapy, she was feeling good and was doing well in her career. But Jenn wasn’t much interested in the therapist. However, Dr. Collin was interested in Jess, and he also offered his card to her. After the party, Brian drops Jenn at her place, but the two eventually end up sleeping together.

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The next day, Jenn tells about the entire incident to her friend Gina. Therefore, Gina forces Jenn to attend a session with her therapist. After so much pressure from Gina, Jess finally visits Dr. Collin’s office for a session. In the session, we get to know that Jenn was having trouble since her miscarriage. We further get to know that she was getting married to Brian, but after the miscarriage, the two got separated. Therefore, Dr. Collin suggests Jenn get hypnotherapy, and she agrees. After the therapy, Jenn feels positive and also gets a good job. Thus, she continues the hypnotic therapy with the doctor for the next three months, but sometimes she dreams about sleeping with Dr. Collin.

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Why Does Jenn Doubt Her Hypnotherapist?

Then one day, Jenn tells Dr. Collins that she is finally getting over her past with Brian and even prepared to move on from him. However, Dr. Collins suggests she should invite Brian over to her place for dinner. Jenn agrees to what he said and thus, goes grocery shopping for dinner with Brian. However, Jenn receives a call from an unknown user during her shopping. After answering the call, Jenn seems hypnotic, and then the scene shifts to her place. Jenn was still under some sort of hypnosis while Brain was choking in the washroom. Then suddenly, Jen comes back to her senses and gives the proper medication to Brian. He survives but slips into a comatose state.

Hypnotic Explained
Dr. Meade telling Jenn to invite Brian for dinner

After coming home from the hospital, Jenn goes through the food and her shopping list. She discovers buying Sesame oil and even using it in the food, despite knowing about Brian being allergic to Sesame. However, Jenn remembers nothing about the night since answering the unknown call. After that, she looks for information about Dr. Collins on the internet. Jenn discovers that a previous patient of Collin died in an elevator because of a heart attack. Further, this person was none other than Andrea Bowen, whom we see at the beginning of the movie. Then Jenn tells all this to Gina, and together they inform the police. There they talk to Detective Wade Rollins, who tells that he also suspects Dr. Collin. He further advises Jenn and Gina not to attend any more of Collin’s sessions.

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While coming out of the police station, Gina reveals attending Collin’s session, and he further did hypnotherapy on her. However, Collins doing hypnotherapy on Gina was weird because he only did it with a selected few, and Gina was not one of them. Jenn then plans to visit Collin for therapy and records the entire session unknown to Collin. But when she hears the recording, she gets to know that she told everything about her suspicion of him and working with Rollins to catch him. Meanwhile, Gina gets a call from Collins from an unknown number while she is driving. After she receives the call, Collin tells her this is how the world ends, and then she sees a spider. But in reality, there was no spider, but she was only hallucinating. Further, Gina drives recklessly after seeing the spider and eventually dies because of a car accident.

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What Happens To Dr. Meade At The End of ‘Hypnotic’?

Jenn and Rollins knew Collin was behind all these events but couldn’t do anything because of a lack of evidence. Meanwhile, Rollins discovers that all of Collin’s victims kinda looked similar. Therefore, he visits Collins to warn him, but later that day, a patient of Collin under his influence attacks Rollins. While the detective was in the hospital, Jenn visited another psychiatrist to get rid of Collin’s hypnosis. But the second hypnotherapist, Dr. Stella Graham, tells her that Collin has put a mental lock on her, and thus, she can’t read her, but she can put another lock-on Jenn. Later, Jenn researches about a house that she saw in one vision, which Collin made her see. Jenn researches the house and discovers it belongs to a great hypnotherapist, Dr. Xavier Sullivan, who is also Collin’s mentor.

Detective Rollins
Detective Wade Rollins injured in hospital.

Jenn visits the house she saw in her dream to find more clues. But she finds Meade and a woman’s photo there. Then suddenly, Dr. Collins arrives there and reveals that Dr. Xavier is none other than his father, and the woman in the photograph is her wife, who died a few years back. Since then, Meade has been looking for a woman who looks like his late wife. Jenn looked a lot like her, and thus, he planned to put false memories into her and make her believe she was his wife. After this revelation, he puts her to sleep. Meanwhile, Rollins also discovered that Dr. Meade is Jullian Sullivan, and then he calls Jenn to tell her. Jenn wakes up in Collin’s office and asks Rollins to send help.

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However, when Rollins’s men arrived at the office, it was empty. In reality, Meade hypnotized Jenn to hallucinate that she was in his office. Meanwhile, Collins dressed up Jenn in her dead wife’s dress and wanted to plant fake memories into her. However, Detective Rollins appears alone to protect her. A fight breaks out between the detective and the therapist. However, Collin was overpowering the injured Rollins. But then Jenn gets a gun in her hand and shoots at Meade, and then passes out. She later wakes up and sees Rollins was there, who informs her she killed the therapist and now “everything is okay, my love”. After hearing “my love, “, Jenn comes to her senses and realizes she shot Rollins. Then Jenn takes the detective’s gun and kills Dr. Collin for real this time.

Hypnotic Ending Explained
Rollin’s gift for Jenn

In the ‘Hypnotic’ ending, we see Jenn is successful in her career. However, her ex-boyfriend, Brian, was still in a comatose state, and she was planning to get together with him again. We also see Rollins, who survived and is recovering from his injuries. Further, he even got a promotion. Eventually, we see Rollins and Jenn meeting. The detective gifts her a sleep-hypnosis CD, and then she walks away with the gift. This scene signifies she is free from Collin’s hypnosis, and all she needs is good sleep. From the ‘Hypnotic’ ending, we can speculate that Dr. Collin won’t return, and there won’t be any sequel.

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