Hyoyeon’s Net Worth 2022: How Much has the Girls’ Generation Member Earned?

Hyoyeon's net worth
Hyoyeon. cr: Otakukart

What is Kim Hyoyeon’s net worth? Kim Hyoyeon is a member of the super popular and well-loved girl idol group, Girls’ Generation. She has accrued a strong fanbase during the course of her career, and owing to her range of dancing, singing, and acting abilities, Kim Hyoyeon is an idol that is loved by many people. She has her fingers in multiple pies, and due to this fact, Hyoyeon is considered to be an all-rounder in the Korean music, drama, and film industry.

Girls’ Generation has been and will be “the nation’s girl group,” and this has led to considerable success for all its members as well. Debuting in August 2007, Girls’ Generation as an idol group has slowly climbed the ranks to success to become one of the most enduring motifs of the Korean pop industry both nationally and internationally.

Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation has been known for her excellent dancing skills, and when it is combined with her ethereal voice, she is considered to be a powerhouse. Many netizens are wondering what will be Hyoyeon’s net worth in 2022, especially since she has spent about 15 years in the industry? Keep on reading to find out more about Hyoyeon’s net worth.

Hyoyeon Net Worth
Hyoyeon. cr: SM Entertainment

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Kim Hyoyeon’s Early Life

Hyoyeon was born on the 22nd of September, 1989, in Incheon, South Korea, making her a Virgo. Virgos are known for their meticulous personality and type-A tendencies, making Hyoyeon a woman who is strict with her routine and is committed to her career. Hyoyeon started young with her dance training.

Growing up, she started to learn Latin dance, hip-hop, and jazz. In 1999, when she was just ten years old, Hyoyeon enrolled in Winners Dance School, which helped her get where she is today. She started her auditioning journey for SM Entertainment young, starting out when she was only 11. Later, in 2004, she was sent to study abroad in Beijing.

Hyoyeon net worth
Hyoyeon. cr: SM Entertainment

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Kim Hyoyeon’s Career Highlights

Kim Hyoyeon debuted in August 2007 under SM Entertainment’s new idol group, Girls’ Generation. In 2010, Hyoyeon made a cameo appearance in SBS’ mini-series, “Oh! My Girl.” This was the start of her acting career, and from 2011 to 2014, Hyoyeon started to appear in various Korean reality TV shows such as “Dancing With The Stars” and “Invincible Youth.”

In 2015, Hyoyeon appeared in a lot of music videos. She also published a book alongside Hyo Style, which contained fashion tips and lifestyle advice, and it also came with a DVD. In 2016, she became a cast member for a Korean-Chinese reality TV show which launched her into international stardom, called “Star Advent.” As a part of SM’s Station music project, Hyoyeon released her first collaborative single, along with Park Jin Young “Born to be Wild.”

In 2018, Hyoyeon resumed her DJ career when she returned with a new single named “Sober.” She is also a part of Oh!GG, which is consisted of the five remaining members of the Girls’ Generation. In August 2021, Hyoyeon released another single, and in May she is set to release a full-length album, “Deep” under SM Entertainment.

Hyoyeon net worth
Hyoyeon. cr: SM Entertainment

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Hyoyeon’s Net Worth 2022

Before Hyoyeon joined SM Entertainment, she was already in the business, working with various other international choreographers, including the likes of Janet Jackson. According to Kpopping, Hyoyeon was also a backup dancer for BOA. Hyoyeon also has a successful solo career, where is releasing new singles and albums. It is projected that Hyoyeon’s net worth might increase after she releases her full-length album “Deep” in May 2022.

Hyoyeon accrued her wealth due to her pre-debut activities. She was also named the no.1 dancer by Star News. She also increased her net worth by taking on multiple partnerships as well. Currently, sources claim that Hyoyeon’s net worth is about $5 million dollars. Unlike the CF queen, YoonA, Hyoyeon’s net worth is lower than hers.

Hyoyeon's net worth
Hyoyeon. cr: SM Entertainment

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