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Hyouka Anime 10th Anniversary Project: Is The Anime Really Coming Back?

Hyouka Anime 10th Anniversary Project

The anime projects often remain close to people’s hearts and even closer to the officials who worked day and night to make adaptation actually be a thing. The trend of anime increased exponentially worldwide, and with time, we are getting exceptional anime masterpieces. Be it in animation, OST, BGM, or art style, modern anime are lacking on very few points. Even though we have numerous anime at this time, it is not mean that the time of old anime is gone. One such anime is Hyouka, as it has come back to celebrate its 10th Anniversary with a project.

Hyouka was released many years back, but it still has the same impact as it used to have, and it still remains the center of celebration and the spirit of old-school anime. Recently, the anime is celebrating it’s celebrating its 10th Anniversary with various events, and between these events, there is some hoax that needs to be addressed. Here, we will analyze the Hyouka 10th Anniversary Project in detail and clear the major hoax that is spreading like wildfire among fans.

Hyouka Anime 10th Anniversary Project

As the Hyouka anime is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, there are many events that are taking place in Japan and across the world. To kick off the celebration, the anime collabs with Kujibikido and organizes a lottery event and a special event on May 25 at GAMERS’ main store in Akihabara. You can win anime goods, merchandise, and lots of cool stuff from this lottery event. In addition to that, the animation house of Hyouka anime started rebroadcasting the anime, and the fans are really loving this kind of celebration.

Hyouka Anime 10th Anniversary Project

Still from Hyouka

Is Hyouka Anime Returning? The Major Hoax In The Market

With these special events, there is a hoax that is spreading in the market, and that is about the return of the Hyouka anime. This hoax started with the commercial that said the new project of Hyouka was in the pipeline. We would like to clarify that there is no such thing regarding the release of Hyouka anime made official by the creators. The production house is rebroadcasting the anime, and we might have to wait for the anime to end to get any update on the upcoming season. We hope you finally got a clear picture of the scenario.

Hyouka Anime 10th Anniversary Project

Still from Hyouka

Watch Hyouka Online – Streaming Details

If you too want to celebrate Hyouka’s 10th Anniversary by watching it again, or if you haven’t watched the anime yet, then you can stream it on Crunchyroll. All you have to get is a basic subscription, and you can access tons of anime anytime-anywhere.

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