‘Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte’ Filming Locations: All About The Plot

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Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Filming Locations

An old Classic horror film location., who wouldn’t like to visit there? Take it from a horror movies geek; visiting such a horror movie location gives you goosebumps. You won’t find anything or might not experience any paranormal activity, but you’ll live within the filmed scenes spots. And that, my friend, is a treasure itself. I think the Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte location is what drew you here. In here, you’ll learn everything you want to know about Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte filming locations and plot.

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte is an American Psychological Thriller and Horror film which got released in 1964. The story revolves around Charlotte, a Millionaire whose lover was murdered. She is the main suspect, and to save her house; she calls her cousin Miriam as her proof of innocence. However, the table turns, and Charlotte starts losing her mind. This film is an adaptation of a short story named ‘whatever Happened to Cousin Charlotte?”

Despite the storyline, another thing that gave life to the movie was the cast member. The cast consists of Bette Davis as Charlotte, Olivia de Havilland as Miriam, Joseph Cotten as Dr. Drew, Agnes Moorehead as Velma, and Bruce Dern as John. The cast was a crucial part of the film, and everyone’s performance was on the top.

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Plot

The movie begins with Charlotte planning to run away with her lover, John Mayhew. When Charlotte is all set with the plan, John breaks up with Charlotte after being threatened by Charlotte’s Dad. Meanwhile, John is murdered, and Charlotte is the one who finds his body. In no time, everyone starts blaming Charlotte for John’s murder.

Hush hush sweet charlotte filmed
In Between the film scenes

After 37 years, Charlotte returns home, time after fleeing because of fear. She inherited her father’s house, the one in which John was murdered. There she lives with a loyal servant Velma. After a while, her property is selected for reconstruction, and she has been warned to leave the house. To seek help, Charlotte calls her cousin Miriam to come and live with her. When she arrives, her old relationship with Dr. Drew Bayliss is revived. Soon, Charlotte starts seeing stuff, and she believes her lover’s return strengthens up. Meanwhile, Velma starts suspecting that Miriam and Drew are behind all of this.

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Before Velma can prove anything, Miriam fires him, but Velma doesn’t leave and finds that Charlotte is being drugged. Miriam kills him and makes it seem like an accident. Late one night, Charlotte is drugged and gets manipulated by Miriam to shoot Drew. The gun is filled with blank bullets, the one only Miriam and Drew know. After the insane incident and believing that she killed someone, she overhears Miriam and Drew’s whole plan, talking about throwing her in Mental Asylum and taking her wealth.

Hush hush sweet charlotte filmed
Still from Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.

The most shocking news was when Miriam accepted that she saw Jewel, John’s wife, killing him that night. Furious Charlotte kills Miriam and Drew by throwing a giant stone at them. The next day the authorities arrive and take Charlotte out of the house. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime

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Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Filming Locations

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte had its filming locations located in Louisiana, USA. The whole film was filmed in the USA while one or two scenes were filmed in California. Mostly the interior of the house got filmed in Houmas House in Burnside, while other spots used were Houmas House Plantation, Oak Alley Plantation, Baton Rouge, etc. Many tourists cames to these locations to fulfill their wish of visiting the film’s location. 

hush hush sweet charlotte filmed

Louisiana is a Southern State in the USA that bordered Texas from the West, Arkansas from the north, Mississippi from the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the South. The State capital is Baton Rouge, and its largest city is New Orleans. This state is quite famous for its Jazz Music, Mardi Gas, and Salt Mines. Apart from which its Food like Gumbo, Shrimp Etoufee, Po’Boy Muffuletta, King Cake, Beignet, and many more. Despite all these, many famous personalities also belong from Louisiana. Some of them are Jim Taylor, Tyler Perry, Jared Leto, Lil Wayne, and Lee Smith. No wonder why Hush Hush director chose Louisiana as the filming location.

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