Hunter X Hunter Will Resume Publishing This Month From Manga Chapter 381

Good news for Hunter X Hunter fans, the manga will resume its publication after its five-month hiatus. It is expected that the next chapter, which is chapter 381, will be right on Weekly Shonen Jump this month. Will this be a long-term thing or will the series take another hiatus by the end of the year?

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 381 Release Date

Hunter X Hunter is a manga that is known, and still known for its back to back hiatuses throughout its lifespan. But even though this is true, it is also true that this manga has a lot of favorable factors such as character development, the pacing, and the story itself. Thankfully, these are all coming back this month because the manga will be published again on Weekly Shonen Jump. Chapter 381 is set to be published in the 43rd issue of the magazine this year. This issue will reach the stands on September 22.

It can be remembered that the series went on hiatus September last year and it was extended until the end of January this year. The manga managed to appear in issues nine to 19 before it started its hiatus once again last April. The 36th volume of the manga is also set to be released in Japan on October 4.

How Long Will This Last?

I know its pretty early for me to tackle about the series’ future hiatus once again. Togashi might actually not bring this series into a long hiatus for the time being, but hiatuses are embedded in this series’ reputation. Taking a peek on the site hiatus-hiatus, a pattern can be seen in the appearance of the series in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Since 2016, the series appeared between 9 – 11 issues of Jump before it started its Hiatus once again. Based on this trend, the series might declare another hiatus after 10 or 11 volumes, which is roughly at the end of this year; this is possible, but I hope this would not happen.

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