Hunter X Hunter Will Have Another Hiatus After Issue 52

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter will be having another hiatus following ten consecutive chapters released this past two months. The last chapter, which was released recently, is chapter 390 and it will be the last chapter before the hiatus will take effect. There’s still no news yet on when new chapters will be published again.

Hunter X Hunter Hiatus Issue 52

It might feel like an old news now, as this news was reported so many times in the series’ life, but Hunter X Hunter will be having a hiatus after Shonen Jump issue #52. The announcement was made right after Hunter X Hunter chapter 390 was released. There is no news about the continuation of the next chapter, but it seems like we might get another long one. Even though the manga series is getting yet another hiatus, this year has been good because we received twenty chapters. Ten chapters were released last year while 11 was released on 2016.

However, there is still a good news as the next ten chapters of Hunter X Hunter is already being formed. According to ryokutya2089, as per Google Translate, the length of the next chapters are being discussed and the names of each chapter is already completed. A translation done by @kiirobon was also posted by @HxHSource. The translation states:

“To be able to do the next 10 chapter manuscripts I’ll go forward steadily while minding my physical condition.” – Yoshihiro

As for another anime adaptation, it seems like we would wait longer for that to happen. The number of chapters available for adaptation right now is only 50 chapters. If those 50 chapters will be stretched out for a one-cour season with 12 episodes, it would be awfully slow-paced. For fans who want a new Hunter X Hunter experience, you can play as Gon, Hisoka, Kurapica, and Killua, and more of your favorite shonen characters in Jump Force.