Hunter X Hunter: Greed Adventure Trailer, Character, Updates

Bandai Namco announced that a mobile game for Hunter X Hunter would be coming this year. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer that features new anime scenes. On top of that, there will be an exclusive game-only character that will appear in Hunter X Hunter: Greed Adventure.

Hunter X Hunter: Greed Adventure Trailer

A new game was announced for Hunter X Hunter recently. It is officially titled as Hunter X Hunter: Greed Adventure and is expected to come later this year. The game will be based on the Greed Island Arc, where Gon and Killua participated in a game and won. It seems like Bandai Namco thought that the game in the anime is actually worth to develop in real life. Here’s the trailer for the game.

It seems like the game will not be based entirely on the anime’s Greed Island. According to Chinese site Game Apps, the game will take place on a second island called the Greed Island 2. If you want to play to become the greatest Hunter or be the most reliable member of the Phantom Troupe, the game would allow you to play any characters from Hunter X Hunter.

New Character, Game Story, And More

The game is about, well, another game called Greed Island 2 and as the winners of the first game, Gon and Killua were invited to beta-test it. Along the way, they encountered a girl named Sufika who is being attacked by the other participants. Gon and Killua rescued her and included her on their team. Who is she and what are her true intentions?

Hunter X Hunter: Greed Adventure The game mechanics are pretty familiar with the anime. You control Gon, Killua, or any character, as long as your team will have three members. The game is expected to be an Action RPG with a lot of your abilities and battles involving heavily to cards. There’s still no info with cards such as “Accompany On,” or other anime cards will be involved.

Hunter X Hunter Greed Adventure Release Date

Hunter X Hunter: Greed Adventure will be released in Winter 2018.

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