Hunter X Hunter Ending Will Definitely Come According To Author

hunter x hunter

Back when I was a mere kid, I used to follow Hunter X Hunter anime on our local TV station. I used to like the concept of Nen and would meditate silently as if training my life force to cut things using a paper. That was 20 years ago and still, I haven’t seen a news that there will be a HunterXHunter ending. Fortunately, the author of the manga is giving us the assurance we’ve been looking for.

Hunter X Hunter Ending

Hunter X Hunter EndingHxH can be translated into two different things: HunterXHunter and HiatusXHiatus. But the latter meaning is shaping the series more than its title. In its twenty-year run on Weekly Shounen Jump, 60.7% of those times were indefinite hiatuses. If you’re wondering where I got the Statistics, you can check this site which records every week that HxH appears on Jump. Luckily for us, HxH author Yoshihiro Togashi confirmed that he plans on finishing the series and tie up all the loose strings.

Recently, Shueisha published an interview with Togashi and one of his statements is that he will DEFINITELY finish the manga series he created. Togashi doesn’t state when the series will resume, but he promised that he will bring his readers the conclusion someday. “I need to finish writing Hunter x Hunter,” Togashi admitted. “It has come to the point where either the story concludes first or I die before that happens. But I do intend to finish it.”

HunterXHunter ending

Togashi also revealed that the HunterXHunter ending would’ve been the moment when Ging and Gon finally met. Afterall, it was this moment that has been driving Gon’s adventures and thus, the story. However, as a manga artist and also as a manga reader, he acknowledged the feelings of readers who still want to read more of the story and its universe.

“Although you can say that at one point in the story — where Gon meets Ging — I have completed the story once. I believe that some readers must have thought ‘Wasn’t that supposed to be the endgame?’ and I did write it to seem that way. Still, I did not intend to cut off the flow of the story there, and I hope my readers could see that there was still room for continuation. As a reader of Jump myself, I also remember having thought ‘Shouldn’t this manga have just ended here?’ and feeling pissed when it went on and on. ” he elaborated in the interview.

HunterXHunter ending has been delayed for a long time now because of the mangaka’s health problems. One thing that can be done to ensure that the series will reach its conclusion is to have another soul to draw the manga while Togashi works on the storyline. One candidate that can draw the manga is his own wife, Naoko Takeuchi, who created the Sailor Moon series.


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