Hunter x Hunter – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Killua Zoldyck!


Among all the countless characters that we can find in Hunter x Hunter, one of the most beloved is for sure Killua. We know that Killua is the co-protagonist of the series alongside with Gon Freecs and that he is a member of the Zoldyck family, known for being composed by expert assassins.

Despite this, there are some information that a lot of people still don’t know, so today I’m going to introduce you the 5 things that (almost) everybody didn’t know about Killua.

Let’s go!


Killua is the youngest participant to the hunter exams; in fact, although both he and Gon are 12 years old, Killua is 2 months younger than Gon.


Yoshihiro Togashi is the creator of the Hunter x Hunter series, but he is also the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho; in fact we can find some similarities between the characters which come from the two anime, such as for example between Gon and Yusuke, Kurapika and Kurama, Killua and Hiei.


Killua didn’t know about Nen although he comes from a family who uses regularly Nen to fight and accomplish their jobs; this is probably due to the fact that his parents wanted him to focus more on his physical strength, his stamina and his skills rather than his Nen ability.

Is also possible that, since he was always isolated, he had never seen his parents’ complete Nen abilities.


How is it possible that Killua is able to defeat his enemies just using two yo-yos? Well, Killua’s yo-yo are 15 kg each…


Killua’s name is related to the fact that his family is composed by assassins; in fact, the word “Killua” comes from the english verb “kill”. In addition, in the japanese original pronunciation, Killua’s name is pronounced as “Kirua”, that is a mixture between “kiru” (the japanese pronunciation of the english verb “kill”) and “kira” (the japanese pronunciation of the noun “killer”).