Hulu Adds Dubbed Versions Of Darwin’s Game And Two More Anime

Hulu releasing dub of anime series
Hulu to ads dubbed Darwin's Game along with two more anime.

Watching anime series has always been fun. Whether you watch it in subbed or dubbed, you will experience the same excitement. However, the characters and plot hits are different when you get to hear them in a language that you can understand, and here dubbed series takes the lead. This is the most important reason why we get to see dubbed anime series not just in English but in every language possible. The fans who prefer to watch dubbed are somewhat equal to the ones who like to watch the sub. So, why will a streaming site let go of its visitors by not having the choice to watch the anime in dub? Considering this in mind Hulu – the leading OTT website – has recently added the dubbed versions of Darwin’s Game and two other anime series.

This is going to be really exciting for the peeps who watch the anime in dub and as well as profitable to the website. They didn’t make any prior announcement, just bombarded the viewers with a sudden surprise. Just before we get to the main topic, let me tell you that all these anime series are very popular, and you should not miss the chance to gather any information regarding the same. Let’s get into it and see what we know about this matter.

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About Hulu

Just like many other leading OTT websites, Hulu is also an America-based streaming platform. The platform was launched on 29th October 2007. Other than anime series, it also provides its subscribers access to a huge variety of TV shows from different parts of the world. The launch of the site was a complete success due to its parent companies being Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. The ownership of the site is distributed among The Walt Disney Corporation, which doesn’t need any introduction, Comcast NBC Universal. To access the programs provided on the channel, you have to take its subscription, which may vary according to your plan. As per the latest report on 2nd October 2021, Hulu has a current user base of about 43.8 million.

Initially, Hulu was established as a news website and a joint venture between News Corporation, Providence Equity Partners, NBC Universal, and The Walt Disney Channel. At that time, it used to provide recent reports about the newly released episodes of TV series and providing information about their respective television networks. Later, in 2010, Hulu became the streaming website that added “Plus” to its name and was introduced as “Hulu Plus”. It started featuring full seasons of the different television programs and partnered with different companies to take the access. Since then, it has come forward as a well-known name in the OTT streaming channels industry.

Hulu to release dub version of anime series

Hulu Adds Dubbed Versions Of Darwin’s Game And Two More Anime

As per the latest updates of Hulu, it is said to have added the dub version of Darwin’s Game along with two more anime series. The addition was made on 19th January 2022, and now if you visit the site, you will get the see the series upon searching. As for the names of anime series that are added, the first of them is Darwin’s Game which is an anime adaption of the manga series by writer and artist FLIPFLOPs. The anime series was adapted by Nexus Studio and belonged to Action and shonen genre. Other than this, you will get to see the complete season 1 dubbed version of “The Irregular at Magic High School”. The anime series is an anime adaption of the light novel by author Tsutomu Sato and artist Kana Ishida.

Hulu releasing dub of anime series
Anime getting dubbed version of Hulu

Next, there is “Sword Art Online Extra Edition,” which will be available on the platform in dubbed complete season 1. The series is based on the light novel series, which goes by the same name. The Light novel series is written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by an artist who goes by the name, Abec. The series was produced by A-1 Pictures and was released on the official television network Tokyo MX. In addition to the list, now you will also get to see “Your Lie in April,” completely dubbed on the streaming channel.

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