Howards End Filming Locations Revealed: Where Is The Romantic Drama Filmed?

Howard End Filming Locations
Howard End Cr: BBC

As a tribute to Ismail Merchant, James Ivory, and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s adaptation of EM Forster’s 1910 novel, Howards End has been re-released in theatres for the first time in 25 years. However, what about Howards End Filming Locations? You’ll discover everything you need to know about this popular show after reading this article. How many locations were used to film the movie?

This adaption of E. M. Forster’s classic 1910 novel Howards End portrays the injuriously rigid British class consciousness of the early twentieth century. Margaret Schlegel (Emma Thompson), an impoverished relative, inherits part of the estate of Ruth Wilcox (Vanessa Redgrave), an upper-class woman she befriended. Segregated by class, the film follows wealthy industrialist Henry Wilcox (Anthony Hopkins), Margaret and her sister Helen (Helena Bonham Carter), and working-class clerk Leonard Bast (Sam West) (Nicola Duffett).

Howards End Cast
Howards End Cr: BBC

The personal and social tensions between these characters culminate in tragedy for Bast and dishonor for Wilcox, but the film’s larger theme remains the necessity to simply connect with other people, regardless of gender, class, or petty grievances. Howards End, despite its limited budget, boasts spectacular sets, spectacles, and costumes. Let us take a look at Howard End’s filming location!

Howard End Filming Locations

Howards End, by EM Forster, is a literary classic. It depicts a rural Britain straining to keep up with the relative chaos of urban life around the turn of the century. Howards End was inspired by the author’s boyhood house, Rooks Nest. After his father died of TB, Forster’s mother sent him to the countryside to live a healthier existence. He lived there from the age of two to twelve near Stevenage in Hertfordshire.

Howards End was set in Oxfordshire in the Oscar-winning 1992 film adaption starring Emma Thompson. Let’s take a deep dig at the filming locations of Howards End in the next section.

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The Wilcoxes’ sprawling estate was filmed in Hambledon, Surrey, not far from Godalming. Privately owned, the property’s five acres of gardens are famous for their beauty and serenity, which are open to the public.

Howards End in Surrey
Howards End filming location in Surrey


The exterior of the Schlegels’ London home (Wickham Place) is filmed on Myddelton Square in Clerkenwell, and the interior is filmed in the same location. The Georgian houses on the square are all designated as Grade II landmarks.

During the first episode, the Wilcox family goes for a walk in the woods. The scene was filmed at the ruins of Waverley Abbey, where a group of monks built a monastery almost 900 years ago. Elizabeth (1998) and Disney’s Into the Woods both used the abbey as a backdrop (2014).

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It’s hard to argue with the Wilcoxes when they say that their stunning mansion, complete with sweeping lawns and a tranquil lake, is one of their most prized possessions.

In episode three, Evie is married at West Wycombe House in Buckinghamshire, where the ceremony was recorded. The Dashwood family has lived in the Palladian house for more than 300 years, making it a National Trust property. A 45-acre park surrounds the property. Both the home and the park are accessible to the public.


Henry Wilcox joins the Schlegels for a seaside vacation at Aunt Juley’s stone cottage, which overlooks grass verges leading to white cliffs and a wild sea. These scenes were filmed at Harry Warren House near Studland Bay, Dorset. There are four acres of gardens surrounding this 19th-century beachfront mansion. Swanage Pier is the beautiful pier upon which Margaret and Henry stroll. However, it was restored to its original Victorian splendor and is located in Dorset.

Filming Location of Howard End in London

Several scenes from the film Howards End were shot in London, including the cream-painted home of the Schlegel sisters (Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham-Carter) — the fictional “6 Wickham Place”. It was 6 Victoria Square, a quiet square north of Victoria Station in SW1 that was also used in Mike Todd’s 1956 film Around the World in 80 Days.

Howards End filming location in London
Wickham Place in London

This hall, which Bast attends with the Schlegel sisters, is located in London’s financial district but is Oxford Town Hall (St Aldate’s at Carfax). It was used as the ‘Old Bailey’ in A Fish Called Wanda and as a location for the ‘Old Bailey in A Fish Called Wanda’. While leaving Strawberry House for their monthly discussion group at Chiswick Mall, West London W4, Wilcox spills some disastrous insider information about the “Porphyrion” corporation to the Schlegels, who are standing in front of the river Thames.

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