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How to Watch Yumi’s Cells K-drama — All Streaming Options

How to watch Yumi's Cells online
Yumi's Cells streams on Viki every week.

Yumi’s Cells is a South Korean TV series that follows the daily life of an ordinary office worker Yumi. Directed by Lee Sang-yeob, the cell-based psychological romance stars Kim Go-eun Ahn Bo-hyun, Lee Yu-bi, and Park Ji-hyun. The Korean drama is already slated to be a series with more than one season in the works. It’s an adaptation of Lee Dong-gun’s webtoon of the same name. Kim Kyung-ran and Kim Yoon-joo serve as writers and Kim Tae-seung has composed the music. Season 1 of Yumi’s Cells is set to run for a total of 14 episodes. Jo Moon-joo, Song Jae-kwon, Kwon Mi-kyung, Jang Woo-sik, Han So-jin, and Yoo Seul-gi serve as producers.

The K-drama is a co-production between Studio Dragon, Merrycow Creative, Studio N, TVING, and Locus Corporation (Animation). Locus Corporation is responsible for the 3D animation sequences that the show uses to depict the cellular network inside Yumi. The mix of live-action with cute 3D animation does make for an interesting and fun experience. The show is one of the first K-dramas to try out this experimental way of storytelling. Let’s now delve into the cast and plot of the show as well as how to watch Yumi’s Cells, online and otherwise.

Who plays Yumi and Ku Woong in Yumi's Cells

Kim Ho-eun plays Yumi and Ahn Bo-hyun

How to Watch Yumi’s Cells — Streaming Details

Yumi’s Cells airs every week on Friday and Saturday on tvN in South Korea. Premiering on September 17, 2021, the show airs on the TV network and the online streaming platform at 22:50 Korean Standard Time. If you live outside South Korea, you can watch Yumi’s Cells online via the streaming service Viki. So far, Yumi’s Cells has released four episodes that you can watch on Viki with English subtitles. The premium plan for Viki is available for $9 per month.

Is Yumi’s Cells on Netflix

No, Yumi’s Cells is currently not available to stream on Netflix. The K-drama can only be streamed online on TVING and Viki. However, Netflix does acquire a lot of K-dramas all of the time. So it won’t be that surprising if Netflix ends up acquiring the license to Yumi’s Cells in the future.

Is Yumi’s Cells Available to Stream on Viu

Sadly, you currently can’t watch Yumi’s Cells on Viu. The Hong Kong streaming platform does host a lot of other K-dramas, though. To get access to more episodes on VIU, you can try out its premium plan for just a few dollars.

How to Watch Yumi’s Cells on iQIYI — Streaming Details

Yes, Yumi’s Cells is available to stream on iQIYI. You can catch new episodes on the streaming site for free, albeit with ads. If you want to watch the show without the ads interrupting the experience, you can try out iQIYI VIP. This plan would cost you at least $6 per month.

Yumi’s Cells Cast and Characters

Kim Ho-eun stars as Kim Yumi who plays the titular character of an ordinary office worker. Ahn Bo-hyun stars as Ku Woong, Yumi’s friend, and a game developer. Lee Yu-bi stars as Ruby, Yumi’s co-worker who calls herself a master of various dating techniques. Park Ji-hyun stars as Seo Sae-i, a colleague of Ku Woong. Seo aspires to be the best game art director one day. Ahn Soi voices Yumi’s Love Cell. These cells are the driving force behind Yumi’s movement. Park Ji-yoon voices Emotional Cell, responsible for Yumi’s emotions. With a nocturnal temperament, the emotional cell flutters blue and gets wet with sensitivity in the night. Shim Kyu-hyuk voices Rational Cell, responsible for the pragmatic and the busiest cell. Emotional cells are active all of the time irrespective of what Yumi is doing.

Who is in the cast of Yumi's

The main cast of Yumi’s Cells (2021).

Lee Jang-won voices Hungry Cell, responsible for appetite and cravings. The moment these cells wake up, Yumi’s appetite awakens and it’s munching time! Ahn Young-mi voices Naughty Cell, the ones responsible to erupt with obscenity now and then. Jeong Jae-heon voices the Detective Cells. These cells are, as the name gives it away, analyze and predict people and situations. Digging into situations and the hidden cues behind the surrounding minutiae is their work. Kim Yeon-woo voices Fashion Cells, responsible for well, fashion. Um Sang-hyun voices Hysterious Cells, responsible for hysteria. Sa Moon-yeong voices the Anxiety Cells that can sense anxiety, thereby helping mitigate it. Sa Moon-yeong also voices Inner Feeling Cell and Fussy Cell. Jeong Jae-heon voices Rampage Cell and Lullaby Cell. Ahn Soi also voices Cheapskate Cell and Reaction Doll No. 1.

What is Yumi’s Cells About — Plot Details

Yumi’s Cells follows the eponymous character of Yumi, an ordinary office worker. However, the nature of the show is anything but ordinary. We follow Yumi’s life through two different lenses. One is the ordinary, real-life one, where we see Yumi as an ordinary human having ordinary interactions. The second one is inside her head, where her ‘cells” represent each of her emotions and drives. The show uses 3D animation to represent Yumi’s cells inside her head. Following a relationship that failed, her love cells are in a state of coma. Yumi has lost the drive for another romantic relationship. The series follows Yumi as her brain cells try to revive her comatose love cells. In the macro, real-life world, her friends help in their own ways to inspire love inside Yumi. These friends include game developer Ku Woong and her co-workers Ruby and Seo Sae-i.

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