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How To Watch Whisper K-drama?

Whisper k-drama where to watch
South Korean drama, Whisper

Whisper K-drama- Where to Stream? is something we will put light on today. The famous South Korean drama got quite a limelight when it was released back in 2017. It has been almost 4 years now since the drama aired, and the fans of the show still adore and love it the way they used to. It would not be wrong to say that the drama was a complete hit and even achieved its highest targets in terms of its viewership ratings. Not only were the ratings of the show tremendously good, but they even got acclaimed for their performance and stunning presentation. The drama won itself several nominations and awards. The actor and the actress of the drama were all critically acclaimed and enjoyed huge fandom. The last episode of the drama even saw its own best in terms of ratings. Whisper k-drama had a total of 17 episodes.

The main lead actress of the drama was Lee Bo Young. She even won the awards of the Top Excellence Award Actress in a Monday–Tuesday Drama on the SBS Drama Awards. Not just Lee Bo Young but even actress Park Se Young got an award in the SBS Drama Awards in the Excellence Award, Actress in a Monday–Tuesday Drama category. Even actor Kwon Yul marked his achievement by receiving an award by winning an award in the Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday–Tuesday Drama category. The drama was historic for many reasons, and fans hence still love and cherish the show. As k-drama fans, we often wish to watch our favorite dramas again and again. So before going any further today, we will be dealing with where we can watch the drama. And some more detailings on the same.

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Whisper K-drama – Where to Stream?

Whisper K-drama- Where to Stream?

A Still from the k-drama, Whisper

Whisper K-drama- Where to Stream? is the topic on which mainly we will be focusing today. The South Korean drama was in talks for a while even before its initial release, and finally aired on 27th March 2017. The drama has a total of 17 episodes and has four main characters in total. It is basically a legal thriller drama with drama, romance, and political elements involved. The main character of the story is Shin Young Joo, who is a female detective. Though it seems like she has a perfect and smooth career, she has her own shares of struggle. She had to pay off debts for her family and hence often speaks bluntly. Though at times she seems harsh within, she is a good person with a soft heart.

While Lee Dong Joon is the male protagonist of the drama and is a judge who is righteous and brilliant. He willingly wants to protect the weak and stands for the right. For a case, the two together join hands and tries to solve the puzzle. The story turns interesting when one of the biggest law firms in the country turns out to be scandalous. How the two solve it together and how their chemistry turns out to be is something we get to know in the drama. The drama initially had 17 episodes and aired on the original network SBS. The drama is currently is also available online on popular streaming sites like Viki, along with subtitles. It can also be watched on the online streaming site of the channel SBS, which is SBS World. The duration of each episode of the drama is approximately 60mins.

The Cast of the K-Drama, Whisper

Whisper K-drama- Where to Stream?

The cast of the drama, Whisper

As the cast of the k-drama Whisper, we have Actress Lee Bo Young who played the role of Shin Young Joo. Lee Sang Yoon was cast for playing the role of Lee Dong Joon. Kwon Yool was cast for the role of  Kang Jung, and Park Se Young was cast for the role of Choi Soo Yeon. The screenwriting of the drama was done under Park Kyung Soo, while the direction of the drama was done under Lee Myung Woo. The genres of the drama include investigation, law, drama, suspense, romance, and melodrama. So that was all for today until then, keep watching.

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