How To Watch The Sweet Blood K-Drama?

The Sweet Blood -drama directed by Ha Han Me is a romantic fantasy. The drama is based on a wed toon called “Sweet Girl” written by Nalchi and S. The drama was released on 24th March 2021. The drama is based on a high school girl (Yeon Seo) who is half-human and half-vampire. Born from a vampire father and a human mother, Yeon Seo has Vampire’s abilities and was innately beautiful. However, she also wishes to live a normal peaceful life.

The Sweet Blood is a k-drama under the genre romance, fantasy, and drama. With the cast members Song Chae Yun, Kim Eo Jin, Kang Min Woo, Da Young, Kim Tae Hwan, Kim Ji Woong. The drama consists of 15 episodes.

How to watch the sweet blood k drama online
The Sweet Blood

The drama has a unique storyline in which vampires no longer bite human’s neck and drink blood, but rather they drink vine made of human blood. The blood is collected in a blood bank and later made into a vine. An agreement was made between humans and vampires, which was to punish those who drink human blood illegally. 

What is The Sweet Blood About?

Yeon Seo, a high school girl, born from a vampire father and human mother, is a 118-year-old half-vampire. Her only aim was to lead a normal peaceful life. With a great sense of smell and taste, Yeon Seo works as a wine steward. She wanted to escape from her father and live a normal human life. She has a raging hatred towards her father. Her father used her mother’s blood to make wine. Her mother’s blood suited the taste of fine vine because it has the taste and smell of the blood of great men. At her high school, MeoRu has a one-sided crush on Yeon Seo. He also has Sweet Blood, which attracts other vampires and werewolves, which made life complicated.

Yeon Seo gets an overwhelming desire to MeoRu’s blood. She tries to protect him from those hunting for him. HyunJe is a werewolf. He was sent for investigation about mysterious deaths in which vampires were involved. Yoon ChiWoo, another vampire, came to encourage Yeon Seo. He was her fiancé fifty years ago. He came to encourage her to keep working as vine steward. SooJung is Yeon Seo’s friend who is not interested in studies rather;, she is interested in appearances. She finds herself in confusion in choosing whom to love. i.e., HyunJe or ChiWoo.

The Cast of The Sweet Blood K-Drama

How to watch the sweet blood k drama online
the cast of the Sweet Blood k-drama

Song Chae Yoon as Son Yeon Seo. Song Chae Yoon, the South Korean actress, born on 22nd September 2000, is the main cast of the drama. Kim Eo Jin as Song MeoRuKim Eo Jin south Korean actor born on 20th October 2001, is also another main cast in the drama. Cho EunHo as Do HyunJe, Kim JiWoong as Yoon ChiWoo and Yoon DaYoung as Kim SooJung. Cho EunHo, Kim Ji Woong, and Yoon Da Young are the other supporting cast in the drama. There are other minor casts as well.

Why should you watch this drama?

The drama introduced us to a new variety kind of plots. The drama includes romance, suspense, fantasy. All the cast members have shown remarkable performance. The webtoon lovers should never miss the drama as it is directed based on “Sweet Girl.”

Sweet Girl is also known as blood type love (English dubbed), is a fantasy, romance, shoujo, supernatural genre webtoon which gave quite a remarkable reading experience to the readers. Currently, the English dubbed blood type love is an ongoing webtoon.

The webtoon is based on vampires drinking human blood vine instead of blood sucked out from their neck. According to different human races, blood also varies in aroma and taste. A high school girl who has a unique aromatic blood type that attracts vampires. This put her in a dangerous situation. The story goes on with the dangers she encountered.

Where To Watch The Sweet Blood K-Drama Episode Online?

The Sweet Blood K-drama is officially licensed by vLive & Naver TV Cast, you can watch The Sweet Blood episodes online on the streaming platforms we mentioned earlier. The drama is aired from 24th March 2021 to 12th May 2021 on Wednesday and Saturday. The Sweet Blood K-Drama is currently not available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video but could later be added to those. The drama can be watched on Viki for viewers living outside of South Korea.

The Sweet Blood Episode 2 will be releasing on March 27, 2021. Following that, The Sweet Blood Episode 3 will be releasing on March 31, 2021.