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How To Watch The Mosquito Coast Season 1?

The Mosquito Coast
The Mosquito Coast

The Mosquito Coast has just dropped the first two episodes of its season one on Apple TV plus, and fans could not stop but get obsessed over its storyline. This drama series has been created by Neil Cross as well as Tom Bissell. The story has actually been adopted from a book that goes by the same name and has been penned down by Paul Theroux. This show has Justin Theroux in the lead role as he is the nephew of Paul. Justin also is serving this amazing project in the form of an executive producer. Rupert Wyatt as well as Jeremy Podeswa have directed this series for the streaming platform. Also, you guys should know that the first installment of the show contains seven episodes. Two of them have already dropped, and thus, five are supposed to drop soon. The whole story will wrap up by the 4th of June, 2021.

Now, you all must be wondering what the premise of the story is like. The main character in this show is portrayed as an idealistic inventor. He has been living with his family in a world full of civilized people but, at one point, gets frustrated by the corruption. This is when he decides to relocate over to Latin America. What follows his fate after this big decision is a major quest that puts him along with his family in danger. He then goes over to Mexico in order to be free from the U. S. Government and finally feel safe. Down here, we have provided the entire episode schedule of the show if you want to check out the releases of your favorite episodes.

The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode Release Schedule and Where To Watch

A still from The Mosquito Coast Season 1

The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode Release Schedule and Where To Watch

Well, there might be people who are wondering about where they can watch the show. The first two episodes of The Mosquito Coast have dropped out on Apple TV Plus, and it is highly unlikely that new episodes will shift somewhere else. All this while, the platform remains the only place where you can watch the show for now. Netflix or Hulu are not going to see the release of this show on their network.

  • The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date – The 30th of April 2021 – Lights Out
  • The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date – The 30th of April 2021 – Foxes and Coyotes
  • The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date – The 7th of May 2021 – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  • The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date – The 14th of May 2021 – Mother, Daughter, Sister, Grandmother
  • The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date – Elvis, Jesus, Coca Cola
  • The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date – The 28th of May 2021 – Levanton
  • The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date – The 4th of June 2021 – The Glass Sandwich

The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Reviews

The first that we heard about the show was in 2019. This was when Justin Theroux was brought in as the lead role to star in The Mosquito Coast. Thus, after the entire casting process was done, the crew finally started the cameras rolling in November of 2019. The filming started in Los Angeles, but soon enough, they had to shift over to Mexico City. But then the global pandemic stood tall in front of the entertainment industry, and thus, the production was shut down. Later in the same year, filming resumed back to normal while following all the safety guidelines issued by the government.

For further information, you guys should keep in mind that the show is going to drop new episodes every week following the release of its first two episodes. All this while, the show has received mixed reviews from the audience. Nick Allen has said that the series is not as radical as it claims itself to be. On the other hand, on Rotten Tomatoes, there is a total of 20 reviews, and according to it, The Mosquito Coast has a 40 percent of approval rate. All this while, Metacritic has the same mixed review phrase provided to the series. But it sure is hard to say anything regarding the show when only two episodes have unfolded right now.

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