How To Watch ‘The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ Online?

The King Of Tears Lee Bang Won Where To Watch Online
The King Of Tears Lee Bang Won Korean Drama 2021

The South Korean drama The ‘King of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ has caught viewers’ attention with its original Saguek style as they are left eager and wanting to watch more! Another charm of it is the casting. Witnessing various veteran stars such as Lee Sang Wook, Kim Yeong Cheol, Park Jin Hee, Ye Ji Won, Uhm Hyo Sub, and many more have brought a distinct feature with their remarkable performances. Not to forget, Lee Sang Wook and Kim Yeong Cheol have showcased outstanding performances from Episode 1! How can viewers not fall when the historical drama has given everything a Saguek fan craves?

The kdrama starts with King Taejong and his son, where the story reveals the emotions he has hidden for years. It seems as if he has lost his mind. But can anyone carry the burden of killing their own father and brothers? Well, King Taejong did. Therefore, the drama begins revealing Lee Bang Won’s fragile side and then moves to the start of this great saga. We already know how the series will lead. But it will be thrilling to witness how KBS1 will execute Lee Bang Won’s journey, shedding light on his different side.

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How To Watch ‘The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ Online?

The South Korean Drama ‘The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ has premiered on 11 December 2021 on the KBS1 channel. The drama airs on Saturday and Sunday. Finally, the story has also picked up its pace, and we see Lee Bang Won’s journey before he becomes King Taejong. Therefore, viewers may want to know how to watch The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won online. Since the drama is broadcasting on KBS1, it will be available on Wavve. Wavve is an online streaming platform accessible only in South Korea. Thus, domestic fans can watch all ongoing episodes on Wavve after buying the website’s subscription plan.

The King Of Tears Lee Bang Won Cast
Lee Bang Won

However, global fans do not have to worry because The ‘King of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ is available on Rakuten Viki! Rakuten Viki requires a subscription plan before you can watch it. Also, note that Viki streaming may not be accessible in some regions.

Soon ‘The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ will also be available on Kocowa streaming platform, accessible only in South and North America. You will find short clips of the drama on Kocowa’s official YouTube channel. However, American fans may have to wait for a few days before the drama launches on Kocowa.

What Happened In ‘The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ Until Now?

The first episode reveals a little bit of the future events showing the intense emotional battle between the father-son duo. Although various dramas have narrated King Taejong, aka Lee Bang Won’s journey, this drama enlightens his different side. Maybe the side which the other drama has not shared yet. Not to forget, it will lead viewers as close as possible towards the historical facts. Moving on to the scene between Lee Bang Won and his son. The two get into a fight where King Taejong finally opens up about his emotions, the burden of carrying so many deaths, and the price he had paid to enthrone himself.

Then the story moves back in the past time, revealing the star point of this great tale. After his father revokes King Woo’s order, the Lee family becomes the next target of disloyalty. King Woo kidnaps his brothers Lee Bang Woo and Lee Bang Gwa. Thankfully, his father, Lee Seong Gye, saves them but eventually becomes the subject of treason. Meanwhile, Lee Bang Won protects his mothers and younger siblings from King’s guards and leads them to Gaegyeong. Finally, the whole family reunites, but the threat does not stop there.

The King Of Tears Lee Bang Won Where To Watch Online
Lee Seong Gye

Whereas his father wants Lee Bang Won to walk down the path full of happiness and clear off war blood, Lee Bang Won wishes to help his father. With Jung Do Jeon and Jung Mong Ju’s help, Lee Seong Gye corners King Woo and captures the real traitor Choi Young. Seeing his subjects stripping down from his side, King Woo decides to strike the Lee family at their most defenseless moment. And thus sends new assassins at the Lee Mansion during the Buddhist Festival to kill Lee Seong Gye. However, once again, Lee Bang Won saves his family. Will he be able to do the same for the danger lurking over them? How long will the family stand against the constant threats? Watch ‘The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ and see how the story turns in the upcoming episodes!

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