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How to Watch The Courtship in US, UK and Australia?

Pretty sure by now we all are done with the same recurrent dating reality shows. The same themes, the same pompous decorations and flowers, and some sort of tropes which are more or less quite familiar now. Well, NBC is bringing a brand new dating reality show which is something that has never been done before. Previously titled Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance, the show has been currently titled The Courtship. So where can we watch the show? Especially, the viewers in the US, UK, and especially Australia (because US exclusive releases are still exclusive when it comes to Australia). Well, for now, we have some information about the broadcasting scenario of the show mentioned and we will answer the question of where to watch The Courtship in the US, UK, and Australia.

The basic explanation of the show being the type of show it is that the modern woman is frustrated; she is already done with the dating scene in the 21st century where the digital age has more or less made people devoid of etiquettes and other flattering qualities. The guys don’t seem to radiate the charisma of A Gentleman where he treats the girl with utmost demeanor and sincerity. The heroine of the show is done with the modern world and is transported back into the early 19th century where the suitors will not only try to win over the heroine, they will try to win her court (a.k.a. family). Hence the title The Courtship.

The show includes 16 suitors who will try to win the court

Where to watch The Courtship in The US, UK, and Australia

For the viewers in the United States, show availability is not a problem. They can catch the show on the cable via the NBC local station channels. The show is an NBC production so it will be broadcasted on NBC; both on cable and satellite TV. They can also catch the show the very next day on Peacock Premium if they miss the show on TV or simply if they love to stream your content online.

Likewise in the UK, they can watch the show on Sky TV every Monday and if they wish, they can also stream the episodes of the show via Peacock Premium which is made available in the UK via Sky TV.
Do remember that NBC shows can also be streamed via apps and platforms like Fubo TV, Youtube TV, Hulu TV. The availability is yet to be decided and we can only expect, as of now.

Miss Remy was part of the Seattle Seahawks’ cheerleading team for 2 years

For our Australian viewers, we do not have good news. NBC shows are already not available via cable or live streaming in Australia. And it seems to be the same for The Courtship too. Fans can always use services like VPN over the internet to access the show but as of now, there are no announcements of an official broadcaster in Australia. We can expect platforms like Hulu TV to come to the rescue of Australian viewers. But there is no official confirmation as of now.

The Courtship: its basic premise and relation with Pride and Prejudice

The relation with Pride And Prejudice is simply the premise itself. Those who have read it, already know the similarities and they can easily understand how the show is inspired by the plot of the book. But for those who have not read it, the book’s central plot revolved around 2 sisters Jane and Elizabeth, and two friends Charles and Darcy. How the family of the girls tries to settle the sisters with Charles, who is wealthy and a man of status.And how the girls try to come to terms with both Charles and Darcy. Similarly, the heroine of the show would be approached by the suitors who will have to win not only her but the family. Just like Darcy have to do in the book. Bridgerton fans would also love the aesthetic and royal setting of the show, which mimics Bridgerton too.

The Courtship: Entire cast and their backgrounds

The heroine of the show, or as we should say the leading lady of the show will be 26 years old, a Software Engineer by profession and belonging to Seatlle Miss Nicole Remy. Also once the part of Seatlle Seahawks cheerleading team Sea Gals, Nicole is currently working in a startup. Alongside her, her mother Dr. Claire- Spain Remy, her father Mr. Claude Remy, her sister Deanie and her friend Tessa Cleary will complete the court.

Following is the list of 16 suitors who all are part of the show:

Daniel Bochicchio, 31, real estate agent, Staten Island, N.Y.
Giuseppe Castronovo, 27, pizzeria owner, Point Pleasant, N.J.
Lincoln Chapman, 25, model, Nashville, Tenn.
Christian Lee Cones, 25, IT support manager, Los Angeles
Lewis Echavarria, 26, mortgage advisor, Miami
Jaquan Holland, 30, teacher, Long Island, N.Y.
Dan Hunter, 32, travel company owner, Los Angeles
Derek Kesseler, 31, digital marketing manager, Vancouver, Canada
Danny Kim, 31, former Air Force captain, Seoul, South Korea
Alex “Achilles” King, 35, online fitness coach, San Diego
Chandler “Chan” Luxe, 24, musical artist, West Hollywood, Calif.
Charlie Mumbray, 25, at-home personal trainer, Kent, England
Peter Saffa, 23, social media manager, Defiance, Mo.
Jarrett Schanzer, 35, anesthesiologist, Miami
Nate Shanklin, 34, recruiter, Sacramento, Calif.
Caleb Ward, 24, content creator, Hampton, Va.

The show will premiere on March 6th at 8 p.m.(E.T.). Stay tuned.

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