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How To Watch Take Shelter?

All The Possible Ways To Watch Take Shelter
From Take Shelter Featuring Michael Shannon as Curtis LaForche

Well, Take Shelter is now a decade-old movie which released back in 2011 when OTT was not at its peak as it is today right. The critically acclaimed movie directed by Jeff Nichlos was quite a talk of the town back then grabbing multiple nominations. Then winning awards for its writing and acting. Now 10 years since its release, finding the movie to watch is kind of difficult today. It’s hard to keep a track of which OTT has which movie’s streaming rights. So here we are breaking down every possible platform and way to watch Take Shelter. Sitting at your home, on your couch with lights off.

Take Shelter starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain is one mind-bending movie to watch on a rainy weekend. Imagine an unusual storm coming to destroy the world by making you and the people around you crazy. Literally off the hook to kill you. That’s what the movie is about as Shannon’s character dreams about this event coming to haunt him. This not only results in him hurting himself but also the ones he loves around him. Sounds interesting right? Let’s do a quick look at what it is about and where you can find Take Shelter to watch online.

Take Shelter – What Is The Film About?

Take Shelter follows the story of Curtis Lafourche living in LaGrange, Ohio with his lovely wife Samantha and a deaf daughter Hannah. The Lafourche family is a good old middle-class family working towards their living. But Curtis is suffering from visions where he sees a black cloud in the air raining motor oil. This rain turns people around to go furious and attack each other. He often wakes up from nightmares dreaming about the storm where he sees his close ones attacking him but keeps it secret from his family thinking it’s just visions.

Story Of Take Shelter

From Take Shelter Featuring Michael Shannon as Curtis LaForche

The visions get worse when Curtis realizes he is in deep pain whenever he wakes up. He consults doctors and psychiatrists and lets Samantha know as well. He also starts believing the storm is some kind of premonition. So he starts building the bunker he always wanted to end up using resources from work. But the important question about the film is if the storm is really coming or Curtis just needs some help.

Is Take Shelter Available To Stream On Netflix?

As wide Netflix’s catalog is with abundant critically acclaimed cinema. Take Shelter is one title currently not available to stream on the platform. It’s all about the movie’s streaming rights which may not belong to Netflix yet. Since Take Shelter is one of the award-winning movies out there, Netflix may bring it in near future during the award seasons to shine it once they receive the streaming rights.

Is Take Shelter Available To Stream On Amazon Prime Video?

Well, Netflix might not have it because Amazon Prime Video does. Yes, the streaming rights to Take Shelter are currently in the hands of Amazon Prime Video where the movie is readily available to stream for Prime members. All you need is an Amazon account. Then sign up for the prime membership which may offer you a free trial if you are a first-time user. Then choose a prime membership plan that fits you. Monthly it costs around $12.99 per and yearly it is $119 per year. Luckily for students, the monthly plan costs $6.49 per and yearly it costs $59 a year.

Take Shelter Is available on Amazon Prime Video

From Take Shelter Featuring Michael Shannon as Curtis LaForche

Well, Amazon as a Prime member offers you Take Shelter along with its entire catalog. In case Take Shelter is not available in your country’s prime catalog or you don’t want to sign up for the Prime membership. You can buy or rent Take Shelter from Amazon’s Video-On-Demand Service as well. There you can rent Take Shelter for around $3.99 and can also buy it for around $3.99 in HD. If you want SD quality, the cost differs for renting as it comes for $2.99 as buying remains the same.

Is Take Shelter Available To Stream On Hulu?

Hulu does quite offer something different than Netflix and Amazon Prime. Apart from Catalogue, there is live TV as well. You can catch Take Shelter if it ever comes on TV through Hulu but streaming it as a title? Well, it’s not possible as Hulu doesn’t have the streaming rights to Take Shelter. Like we mentioned above, Amazon has it so, Hulu is down.

Where Else Can You Watch Take Shelter?

So much like Amazon’s video-on-demand service, there are other VOD services as well that offer Take Shelter to buy or rent. As of now, Take Shelter is available on the services of Vudu, iTunes, Google Play Movies and TV, YouTube TV, and lastly Microsoft Store.

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