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How To Watch Snowdrop (2021) K-Drama Online?

How To Watch Snowdrop K-Drama Online
Snowdrop (2021) K-Drama

Snowdrop is an upcoming Korean drama that many fans have been waiting for. In this article, we will cover how to watch Snowdrop K-drama online and its latest updates. Snowdrop is JTBC’s upcoming drama directed by Jo Hyun Taek and starring Jung Hae In, Kim Ji Soo, Jang Seung Jo, Yoo In Na, Kim Hye Yoon, Jung Yoo Jin, and Yoon Se Ah. So many famous Korean celebrities in one drama, and hence fans can’t help but have high expectations. According to the synopsis, the drama contains all the elements, which would keep viewers on their toes. Moreover, having such famous cast members is just the icing on the cake. 

JTBS’s Snowdrop is a romantic melodrama based on the political genre, making the drama more intriguing. The k-drama is based on a true story since it is adapted from the handwritten notes of a man who escaped from a political prison camp in North Korea. It leads to controversies related to purported historical inaccuracies in the script. However, the controversies cleared after the release of JTBC’s official statement. Furthermore, the official response from the Blue House led to the drama resuming its filming. The drama follows the lives of several people while focusing on dark comedy and romance, which make it entertaining.  

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Snowdrop- Synopsis

As we mentioned, the drama falls under romance, dark comedy, melodrama, and political genres. The drama follows the lives of seven people Im Soo Ho, Eun Young Cho, Lee Kang Moo, Kang Cheong Ya, Kye Boon Ok, and Pi Seung Hee. The drama set against the backdrop of the 1987 Democracy Movement. Im Soo Ho and Eun Young Cho are students at a prestigious university in Seoul, where Eun Young Cho fall in love at first sight with Im Soo Hoo. One day, Im Soo Ho suddenly rushed into a female dormitory drenched in blood. Eun Young Cho hides him and tends to his injury despite facing danger under tight surveillance.

How To Watch Snowdrop K-Drama Online

Snowdrop (2021) Korean drama cast

While hiding, Im Soo Ho and Eun Young Cho must avoid the particularly strict and imposing housemother of Young Cho’s dorm, Pi Seung Hee, and the mobile operator, Kye Boon Ok. Furthermore, it is revealed that Im Soo Ho is not who appeared to be and has a secret no one knows. The drama describes how the two would withstand against the backdrop of the political outbreak and unfolds their stories while slowly but surely falling in love with each other. 

How To Watch Snowdrop K-Drama Online?

The k-drama Snowdrop will air on the JTBC network. Due to various controversies and the COVID-19 outbreak, the filming faced numerous issues but eventually completed in June 2021. The production house has not announced the official release date of Snowdrop yet. However, it will air in 2021, is for sure. According to sources, the drama is scheduled to air in December 2021. The current JTBC drama “Nevertheless” is coming to an end and will be followed by the 16-episode k-drama “Lost”. Lost will be followed by “Koo Kyung Yi”,  a 12-episodes drama. 

After the completion of Koo Kyung Yi, Snowdrop will air. It means the drama may air around 11 December. However, fans should note that any week-breaks in either Lost or Koo Kyung Yi, Snowdrop premiere would shift forwards around 18 or 25 December. The drama will be aired on weekends, Saturday-Sunday slots on the JTBC network. Korean viewers can directly watch it on JTBC, whereas international fans may have to wait. There is no official statement made that Netflix will take Snowdrop. But worry not. Since JTBC has not released the launching date, we have a chance. Hopefully, Netflix decides to take the drama before they announce the release date. While waiting, watch a short teaser of Snowdrop. 

Cast of Snowdrop

The drama cast numerous famous faces, which makes fans looking forward to it. It starred Jang Hae In as Im Soo Ho, a university student who grew up in Germany has a gentle, charming personality and gives off an air of secrecy, Blackpink’s Kim Ji So as Eun Young Cho, a cheerful lovely university student who falls in love at first sight with Im Soo Ho. The drama also stars Yoo In Na as Kang Chung Ya, a gorgeous and talented surgeon at a state-run hospital who can charm anyone in a split second, and Kim Hye Yoon as Kye Boon Ok, a phone operator at Young Cho’s dorm who had to forgo a college education because of her family financial issues. 

The k-drama also cast other main leads such as Jang Seung Jo as Lee Kang Moo, the relentless head of Team 1 of the Agency for National Security Planning, who always insist on doing everything by the book and follows the rules strictly. Yoon Se Ah as Pi Seung Hee, the housemother of Young Cho’s dorm, who is notorious for her strictness, and lastly Jung Yoo Jin as Jang Han Na hot-tempered, impulsive and passionate ANSP agent. K-drama fans will have to till December before the drama airs. The drama surely deserves fans’ love and is worth the months of waiting torture. Hence, keep your eye on the news to know the release date of Snowdrop. 

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