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How To Watch ‘School 2017’ Episodes? The High School Mystery Romance K-Drama

Where to watch School 2017
Where to watch School 2017

Many people are curious about where to watch ‘School 2017’ episodes. The reason for this might be because this drama also stars the popular best friend duo from ‘A Business Proposal’- Kim Se Jeong and Seol In Ah. So fans are curious to see what kind of relationship their characters had in this drama. But this is not it, as there is much more than the drama offers. ‘School 2017’ is a South Korean drama that revolves around high school students. We cannot deny that we all have a soft spot for high school romance-comedy dramas in our hearts. And to make it much better, the series also has mystery and suspense, which will be thrilling and amazing.

There have been many amazing Korean dramas in the past few years, and fans cannot help but watch countless numbers of Kdramas. We cannot even blame them because the Korean drama world always blesses us with extraordinary dramas that we cannot resist watching them. The ‘School’ franchise of KBS2 is especially famous for bringing out relatable and heartwarming dramas. The ‘School’ series started in 1999 and has many Kdramas like Lee Jong Suk’s “School 2013”, “Who Are You: School 2015” by Kim So Hyun and Nam Joo Hyuk, and the recently released “School 2021”. Viewers always like the School series as their main motive is to portray the reality of student life and show the problems that they face as a student and what kinds of pressure they might go through because of their studies and friend. As the world is continuously growing, new problems keep arriving for teenagers, and these series are a good way to bring them in front of society. The stars have done an excellent job in doing this, so let us look at more details about where to watch “School 2017” episodes.

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What Is ‘School 2017’ All About?

Before moving on to where to watch “School 2017” episodes, let us see why you should watch the series and what you can expect from the series. “School 2017” is a drama that focuses on showing the problems of student life. It shows how students of this generation are pressured by teachers and everyone around them to be the best in academics. The system where students are judged based on just their grades is very suffocating for students and does not let them explore their talents.

Kim Jung Hyun in "School 2017"

Kim Jung Hyun in “School 2017”

The Kdrama also has a mysterious story where the students try to find out who is ‘Student X’ as the person keeps playing pranks on the school without revealing their true identity. In the journey, we see how people with different personalities come together and become friends. It also gives us many lessons on how friendship and trust can heal our inner scars.

The Talented ‘School 2017’ Cast

“School 2017” is filled with an amazing cast, so here is some information about the cast before getting to know how to watch “School 2017”.

Kim Se Jeong plays the role of Ra Eun Ho, who has a bright personality and has a dream of becoming a webtoon artist. Kim Se Jeong is also famous for her role in ‘A Business Proposal’ and ‘The Uncanny Counter’. Kim Jung Hyun plays the role of Jyun Tae Woon, who is the son of the director of the school. He also has deep scars, but on the outside, he is rebellious. Kim Jung Hyun is also famous for his roles in ‘Crash landing On You’ and ‘Mr. Queen’.

Kim Se Jeong in "School 2017"

Kim Se Jeong in “School 2017”

Meanwhile, Jang Dong Yoon plays the role of Song Dae Hwi, who is poor but is excellent in his academics, and he always comes in first place in exams. The actor is known for his role in ‘The Tale Of Nokdu’.

We also have other talented stars like Han Sun Hwa as Han Soo Ji, Han Joo Wan as Shim Kang Myung, and Seol In Ah of ‘A Business Proposal’ as Hong Nam Joo. The cast has done an excellent job of portraying high school life.

How To Watch ‘School 2017’ Episodes?

Now we come to the most important question of where to watch ‘School 2017’ episodes. Fans can rest assured as the Kdrama is available on several online platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, and Viki. These sites also provide subtitles in various languages so international fans can enjoy the drama as well. So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and start watching this wonderful series.

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