How To Watch ‘Scenes From A Marriage’ Television Series?

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How to watch ‘Scenes From A Marriage’? Scenes From A Marriage is an American drama. Written and directed by Hagai Levi and produced by HBO, with actors – Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, this series is a remake of a Swedish miniseries from 1973. It was premiered at the Venice Film Festival on 12th September 2021. Scenes From a Marriage surrounds the idea of a broken marriage and a love that’s over.

Jonathan and Mira are a happy couple with their daily jobs, with a beautiful daughter, their own house, and happy life. Everything seems to be going pretty well until the wife Mira confesses about her unhappiness through the entire course of their marriage and relationship. However, Just like the original Swedish series, the remake highlights the problems in their marriage, betrayals, violence, and a series of events through which you’ll know that they’re falling out of love.

In the 1973 version, it was the man who fell out of love, but in the new version, the roles are opposite. However, it is Mira who is desperate to flee from this loveless marriage. Hagai Levi has presented their characters beautifully. Hence, the emotional depth and subtlety depict the bitter truth of their relationship. However, Both Jessica and Oscar have impressed people with their chemistry. The couple meets at Columbia University and reconnects with each other after years. After being together for more than two years, they marry each other. So, let see, How To Watch ‘Scenes From A Marriage’ Television Series?

How to watch scenes from a marriage
Oscar Isaac as Jonathan (Scenes From A Marriage).

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All about the main cast from ‘Scenes From A Marriage’

Apart from the storyline., the cast and characters are the main reason that grabs people’s attention towards a movie or a television series. Moreover, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac have been in numerous movies throughout their career. Moreover, They’re one of the leading actors from Hollywood, and people were eagerly waiting to see them as a couple again. Chastain and Issac have worked together as a couple in ‘A Most Violent Year’ in 2014.

Jessica Chastain is an American Actress and producer. She’s known for her roles that depict feminist themes. Jessica is a holder of many awards with two academy award nominations. She was even named in 100 most influential people in 2012 by Times Magazine. After struggling in the film industry for years, Jessica garnered a huge breakthrough in 2011. She was critically acclaimed for her roles throughout that year. Jessica became more famous as Celia Foote in ‘The Help’. It grossed around $216 million. Throughout all these years, Jessica gained recognition from all over the world. However, she moved on to become an executive producer in 2017.

Oscar Isaac Hernández Estrada is a Guatemalan-born American actor. Oscar began his acting career in 1996. Since then, he started appearing in many films. However, in 2009, Isaac was awarded the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Supporting Actor of 2009 for his role as José Ramos-Horta in Balibo. Oscar gained recognition through his film Inside Llewyn Davis. It won the Grand Prix at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and was a part of nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. On 27th May 2016, Isaac acted in the film ‘X-Men Apocalypse’. Oscar gained critical praise through Inside Llewyn Davis in 2013 and Ex Machina in 2014. Since then, Isaac has never failed to appear in many blockbuster movies.

How To Watch ‘Scenes From A Marriage’?

Scenes From A Marriage is available to watch on HBO Max. Jessica and Oscar are all set to spark their chemistry as Mira and Jonathan in Scenes From A Marriage. It was pretty noticeable in its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Mira is a high-earning tech executive, and Jonathan is a professor as well as the primary caregiver to their 4-year-old daughter. Things take a different turn when Mira confesses her problems and sorrow throughout their relationship. Throughout the whole series, you’ll find Mira’s huge pride in being the highest earner in the family, and this is where the abuse and quarreling starts.

Season 1 of Scene from marriage was premiered on HBO on 12th September 2021, at 9 pm EST. There are various other sites for which there’s no confirmed release date yet. The show will stream till 10th October 2021. There are five long episodes for this series. People are desperately waiting for all the episodes. Moreover, The episodes will premiere on HBO every Sunday. It’s also available to stream on HBO Max, and you need to get subscriptions to watch on HBO Max. There are different plans according to the preferences of the audience.

How to watch Series from a marriage
Jessica Chastain as Mira (Scenes From A Marriage).

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