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How to Watch Raised By Wolves in The USA, UK and Australia?

Raised By Wolves is an American Sci-fi drama that adds up to the large catalog of science fiction-based shows. Although from the outside the show seems to be just another science fiction set in the future sort of show; Raised By Wolves is unique and intriguing in its way. Fans should also know that this show can be watched through different means. Especially the fans in the USA, UK, and Australia. So where to watch Raised By Wolves in the USA, UK, and Australia? We will find out the answer in a bit.

With the first episode released in September 2020, Raised By Wolves is a sci-fi action show which uses androids as killers. Created by Aaron Guzikowski and produced by Riddley Scott, the show is set in a distant future dystopian era where the world has been war-torn and the androids are an integral part of a new society that is divided based on faith.

A scene from season 2 of Raised By Wolves

Further discussed in the article, the theme of faith is one of the themes the show is based upon. Including the likes of Travis Fimmel, Abudkar Salim, and Amanda Collin as the focused roles in the show, the likes of Niamh Algar, Jordan Loughran, Winta McGrath, Felix Jamieson, and Ethan Hazard takes up other prominent roles.

Further moving in, the first and prominent thing to discuss is- Where to watch Raised By Wolves in the US, UK, and Australia.

Where to watch Raised By Wolves in the USA, UK, and Australia

An HBO original, Raised By Wolves is primarily available on HBO Max– HBO’s original streaming service. So the US viewers can watch the show (even the latest season 2) on HBO Max. Unfortunately, the show will not be broadcasted via satellite TV or any sort of cable TV network. So fans in the US have to subscribe to HBO Max to catch Raised By Wolves.

For all the British folks, Raised By Wolves is available on Sky GO with season 2 of the show available on Sky Atlantic. Although a month late, by the time this article is out, season 2 of Raised By Wolves would be already out on Sky Atlantic. So that solves the problem of where to watch
Raised By Wolves in the UK.

Image Courtesy- HBO Max

Last but not the least, for our Australian fans. The fans in Australia won’t have to be disappointed as the show is available to be streamed on the online streaming platform Binge (that’s what you have to do when you watch the first episode. Binge watch the whole show.). Henceforth, Raised By Wolves can be easily accessed by fans in the US or UK or Australia.

Raised By Wolves – the show’s discussion and themes

Raised By Wolves is set in a war-torn world. Introducing to us the planet – Kepler 22B, the show’s main protagonists, and focus are two parents who are androids but are growing humane day by day. These parents are tasked with looking after and taking care of two children who have been transported from the Earth via pods (of course. Mother Earth has been destroyed and the new civilization of some humans and some androids have arrived.)

The parents’ are in conflict of parenting and how to raise the children. Of course, as mentioned before the show and its premise is based largely on the concept of faith and unfaith. The world is divided between the atheists and a community of believers who worship and follow a higher power called Sol and the people/followers is called Mithraics.

Poster of the show Raised By Wolves

The Androids are at someplace in charge and someplace a pawn in a big game of chess. Humans largely use these androids as killer robots. The parents are raising the children where the beliefs and what to follow and not are the questions in the foreground. And a slight trivia- The Mother is an atheist but the father is not.

The show does an applaudable job of being something with the intent right in the face. With the question right on the whiteboard. The notion of communities, the omnipresent conflicts due to differences of the opinions and beliefs, and how the world as a whole, especially the ones not related are the collateral damage in all of it.

The Earth eventually gets caught up in the war of atheists and believers and is decimated at the end of it. Only for the conflict to be still there. The show is raw and explicit about it. Only with a hint of subtlety. But that makes it even more impressive. The discussion on parenting is also quite noteworthy. Also not something you would expect from a science fiction based show.

With a lot of characters onboard and a plethora of storylines in development, the show kind of loses sense of surprise or excitement. You can already see the grand elements of the story played out from the distance itself. But the positive thing will always be the message i.e. how fanaticism is dangerous, irrespective of the sides you pick upon.

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