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How To Watch Racket Boys Online?

Racket Boys Episode 11 Release Date
Official teaser poster for the Racket Boys (credit: SBS)

Well, SBS is seriously giving some good and hit dramas. Their recent series, Taxi Driver, came to an end with extraordinary ratings recently. One should also not forget about their superhit drama, The Penthouse, that went to make three seasons due to its good ratings and review. Interestingly, The Penthouse is coming after three days for its third season. Furthermore, Racket Boys, an ongoing drama that started recently, is quite capturing the audience’s attention due to their freshness and funny moments. Besides, it is also a development and growth series that will feature the badminton team’s struggle for reaching success despite their scarcity. So, where to watch Racket Boys online? The present article is everything about the online watching platform and other details of the show.

Until now, the series has aired only two episodes, Episode 1 and Episode 2. As a whole, it has sixteen episodes. There are plenty of time and episodes for the series to complete. So, one can easily catch up with the drama and watch the same if anyone needs motivation and freshness, along with sports. The series comes at 10 p.m. KST every week’s Monday and Tuesday. Racket Boys Episode 1 got its release on May 31, 2021. Furthermore, the drama even crossed Doom At Your Service and Youth of May ratings. It has managed to acquire the highest ratings in the mentioned two days of the week across all the series and time slots. However, it remains to get seen how the drama moves on takes place. Episode 2 of the series came out today. The premiering ratings for the show are 5.2 percent, 3.6 percent, 5.7 percent across the nation. 

Racket Boys: Highlights

Racket Boys, as the name suggests, starts in a badminton court and one of the leading cast and coach, Yoon Hyeon-jong. At the start, it shows how he has some money problems and struggles to pay for his baseball training. At last, he could not pay fully in time, and his son drops off despite excelling in the test. Time skips and shows to the 1st of February in 2021 for the same family. They move to a remote village, The Edge of the World, leaving their city life. However, the son, Yoon Hae-Kang, is not much happy with the move as the village is not like the city and is still lacking.

How to Watch Racket Boys Online?

Leading cast Tang Joon-sang, Lee Jae-in, Kim Kang-hoon, Lee Ji-won, Choi Hyun-Wook, and Sun Sang-Yeon

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Then the show introduces the school, which is not only under-sourced but also has a comical principal. There is a lack of funding for the school, and the principal is not much familiar with the problem. Yoon Hyeon-Jong also joins the new school as one of the coaches and meets Head Coach Bae. The headmaster says to Hyeong-Jong that he can not pay him after three months. Furthermore, he can give him a current advance for the next three months. The headmaster says the badminton team of the school is not very much well funded. Hyeon-Jong’s only duty is the badminton team’s maintenance and development.

The series went off to introduce the main characters and key players. Lee Yong-tae, Na Woo-chan, and Bang Yoon-dam are the only good players on the team. It seems that the team is seriously lacking. Later on, they also go to the coach’s house after having to move out from their dorms. Hae-Kang joins the badminton team after losing a battle with Yoon-dam. Their first target will be working together as a team and winning the Sweet Potato Tournament, 2021. 

Racket Boys: Where to Watch Online?

Racket Boys streams on SBS television network service originally. However, there is only one platform where it can get watched online after the streaming of the same on the television. Yes, one can opt for streaming it on the Netflix service for international watching. Netflix airs the episodes sometime after airing them on the SBS. But, there is also one other application where Racket Boys can get streamed without any subscription. The name of the app is AsiaFlix, and the same is available on the play store for easy downloading. Anyone irrespective of any country can download and watch the same. Racket Boy Band 2021 is the name of the series in AsiaFlix. Furthermore, the unofficial sites are always available for watching. 

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