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How To Watch One in a Hundred Thousand Movie?

Where to watch One in a Hundred Thousand movie?

Asian movies hit hard. There is no surprise that they are masterminds when it comes to plotting a movie. For years, Asian movies have contributed to cinema by providing masterpieces. And, another one from Japan has come to the limelight. Japan’s new romantic movie, “One in a Hundred Thousand” is a new hot topic among cinephiles. Even though the land of the rising sun is widely famous for its anime, it’s getting popular in the romance world too. And the fans are rushing on the internet to find the movie. So, how can you stream One in a Thousand Years? Let’s find out.

One in a Thousand Years is a Japanese romantic movie. Like many other movies, it is also based on the manga series titled, “10 Manbun no 1.” The manga series is illustrated and written by Kaho Miyasaka. And he also serves as the writer of the movie. Koichiro Miki handles the direction. His credit list is huge and it includes movies like, Up the Road, I was a Secret Bitch, Revenge Girl, Anonymous Noise, and many more. Miki has also directed several Japanese Tv shows.

Where to watch One in a Hundred Thousand movie?

On the other hand, Chieko Nakagawa has penned down the screenplay along with Miyasaka. He has also written films like, Samurai Rock, Ani Tomo, and Closest Love to Heaven.

The movie is surely a strong one concerning its crew. And, now we understand why the fans are curiously waiting to watch it.

One in a Hundred Thousand – Where To Watch It?

One in a Hundred Thousand movie is easily available to stream in Japan. However, the audience outside Japan is still struggling to find a source for the movie. Sadly, the film is not available on any major platforms right now. Also, it is not available on the streaming giant at the moment. But, considering its reception, it will be available soon. Till then, what?

One in a Hundred Thousand has an official website for their movie. There you can get all the information regarding the film. Moreover, a trailer, profile of the cast, and crew are also available there. A link to get the Blu-ray DVD version of the movie is also present. You can surf the website here.

In addition to this,  you will be soon able to buy the movie from services like Amazon, Google Play, and many more. Due to its recent release, it is hard to get our hands on the movie. But, considering the popularity, it will be out on the bigger platforms in no time.

Until then, watch the trailer of the new film down below:

One in a Hundred Thousand – Story and Cast

One in a Hundred Thousand will take you on an emotional ride. It will make you believe in love, and how strong it can be. If you are with the right person, you can conquer it all, with love. The film tells the story of two close friends, Rino Sakuragi and Ren Kiritani. They study at the same high school and have been close friends since middle school.

Rino has feelings for Ren. However, she stops herself from confessing knowing how popular Ren is at school. But, luckily, Ren reciprocates the same feelings for Rino and confesses his love to her. The two start dating, and enjoy every day, until a bomb drops on the couple. It is revealed that Rino is diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The couple goes on a sorrowful yet strong ride to become each other happy even though they are drowned in despair.

Where to watch One in a Hundred Thousand movie?

A scene from One in a Hundred Thousand (2020)

The film casts Alan Shirahama (Aristocratic Birth: PRINCE OF LEGEND, Daytime Shooting Star) as Ren Kiritani, Yuna Tairi (Himawari: Kenichi Legend, Onzoshi Boys) as Rino Sakuragi, Mio Yuki (KBOYS, Death Note) as Chihiro Tachibana, Jin Shirasu (6 From High & Low The Worst) as Sho Hinase, and Eji Okuda (Haru: Sogo Shosha no Onna) as Haruo Sakuragi.

The cast definitely glazes the movie with its brilliant performance. You will know it once you watch the film. SO, make sure to check it out.

Until then, keep reading, and we will make sure to update you with new details from the Entertainment World.

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