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How To Watch Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding Online?

Kang In-Soo and Lee Se Jin in Nobleman Ryu's Wedding

Many K-Pop idols are starting their career in the world of Korean drama roles. Some of those names include Lee Se Jin, Kang Si Hyeon, and Kang In-Soo, who starred in the latest drama series Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding. It is one of the most talked-about coming series that will surely blow everyone’s minds. Not only for its great synopsis but also the bombshell cast.

Fans are waiting to see these idols’ ability to portray such difficult roles on the screen. Will they break or make it? We just have to watch the series to find out. The genre in this royal drama raises the history of BL’s romance. With an age limit of 13 and above parental guidance. Director Park Geon Ho, with scriptwriters Jang Hae Soo and Kim Seul Gi, will give their best collaboration in embodying the character of a royal figure.

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding Korean Drama

Main actors of Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding

The love story of royal members in this drama is the main plot. Tells about a political marriage in the Joseon Dynasty. But at that time, there was a planned fraud, and everything went wrong. Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding is a drama series that will take you back to the Joseon Dynasty era. Airing Today on Viu At that time, the royal dynasty was busy planning a wedding between Ryu Ho Seon (Kang In-Soo) and Choi Hwa Jin (Kang Si Hyeon).

Hwa Jin, who doesn’t accept the political matchmaking, is forced to secretly run away before the wedding day arrives. To close the case of Hwa Jin’s disappearance, Hwa Jin’s brother Choi Ki Wan (Lee Se Jin) inevitably replaces him. In the end, Ho Seon finds out that his future bride is not what he expected. Of course, he was very surprised when he found out about this. Ki Wan also explains that he really wants to refuse this change, but his sick mother opposes his wishes.

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How To Watch Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding?

So, what will Ho Seon do after knowing this reality? Will Ho Seon be willing to help Ki Wan cover up the missing case for Hwa Jin? To know that, you can watch the continuation of the story in the drama series Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding, which premiered starting tomorrow, Thursday (15/4/2021). You can watch the entire series on Viu. Other than that, the web drama will air 8 episodes on Jaye Entertainment’s WeTV channel.

Previous episode overview

The bride is expected to become a man. He is the older brother of the bride. Choi Hwa Jin, who is the bride, runs away before the wedding. This beautiful girl really hates marriage customs in the name of politics. Meanwhile, Ryu Ho Seon, who was the groom, declined to marry someone he didn’t even know he had met. The drama Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding depicts a scene where the first night is not a girl who is present. However, it was her older brother who was wearing the dress of the bride. This surprised him, too, at first.

Choi Ki Wan, whom he met, tried to reverse the marriage. But it couldn’t because the mother who was against it was sick. Finally, Choi Ki Wan and Ryu Ho Seon continued the marriage. The drama Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding also conflicts with a third person. A man named Kim Tae Hyeong is Ryu Ho Seon’s senior. He involves himself in the wedding scene. He was his senior when he was in school came back to life. To congratulate his marriage.

The undesirable thing happened; this figure of Kim Tae Hyeong actually fell in love with his junior partner while at school. In fact, he also tried to seduce her into repaying the taste. The incident actually continued when he sent Choi Ki Wan a letter. Without stopping and getting tired to persuade and seduce.

Furthermore, the state of Choi Ki Wan’s mother is perilous. Due to her painful condition, placing her in a certain position was quite difficult to do chores. Mixed in with the problem of Kim Tae Hyeong, who didn’t stop teasing him. One day Choi Hwa Jin who ran away, returned. So this makes matters even worse. This drama has another title Scholar Ryu’s Wedding, Ryu Sun’s Wedding Ceremony.

K-Pop Idols as the actors of ‘Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding.’

Lee Se Jin from Nobleman Ryu's Wedding

Lee Se Jin for Grazia Magazine

The actors and actresses who play characters in the historical drama BL are currently the favorite idols of young people. So it’s no wonder that this drama has been awaited by its fans. Lee Se Jin, who plays the character, Choi Ki Wan, is an idol who graduated from Produce X 101. This handsome young man also plays the main character in a drama called Yellow. Kang In-Soo, as the character Ryu Ho Seon is a member of the boy group MYNAME. He has also been a participant in the K2 Super Show.

The next player is Jang Eui Soo. He plays Kim Tae Hyeong. Is a colossal drama actor as well as the main role. No wonder in this drama, he is also an important figure. This drama, which tells the historical story of the Joseon Dynasty in South Korea, is the first BL genre of a Korean drama. This is something new in the world of roles.

The drama Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding will also bring us to the atmosphere of the royal era. Immediately looking forward to the continuation of the love triangle story. Then also which figures will finally have a mutual feeling of acceptance.

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