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How To Watch Nancy Drew Season 2 Online?

How to Watch Nancy Drew Season 2 Online?
The teaser poster for Nancy Drew Season 2 (Credit: The CW)

Well, who has not read Nancy Drew mystery novels? There are several collections of the novel. Each one of them brings a unique mystery and puzzle to solve. I have a series of collections of books and were my favourite in the teenage years. Just like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew is too a detective-fictional creation. Edward Stratemeyer is the creator of the character. However, the novels get published under only one name Carolyn Keene. Nancy Drew got its appearance on the television series under the same name in 2019. Now, the show is all back with its season 2.

Audiences and fans were eagerly anticipating the mystery drama second season ever since the pandemic cut short the first one. Nancy Drew season 1 made its way back on October 9, 2019, and ran until April 15, 2020. The second season got released on January 20, 2021. It is going on and will continue until May 12, 2021. Kennedy McMann is playing the titular role of Nancy Drew. There are not many changes in the main characters, as most of them are already seen in the series. However, the changes do take place in the storyline as the series has many twisters and darker than the novel. Now, let’s know in detail about the second season and how we can watch the series online.

Nancy Drew Season 2: The Story So Far

Nancy Drew Season 2 will continue from the season wherein Agleaca sends Nancy and her friends a vision of how they will die. As we know, the series version contains not only mysteries and detective but also supernatural elements. In the last series, Nancy and her group summoned the spirit Agleaca. Ever since the group failed to fulfil Agleaca’s demand, she is hell-bent on killing everyone. Now, season 2 begins with the group thinking about how to break the curse of Agleaca. Moreover, Nancy comes under suspicion again when Amanda dies while mentioning her name. 

Where can we watch Nancy Drew Season 2?

A scene from Nancy Drew wherein Nick and Nancy are talking and watching something.

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Later in, the group learns about the possession of the mirror calling Agleaca in the hands of Amanda and her brother, Gil. However, Amanda dies, and Gil came under spirit Gorham Wraith’s possession. The Wraith traps Drew and her group even though they successfully find Gil. However, she burns the Wraiths after learning the fear fire. Ryan bails Nancy out even though the police arrested her for stealing the mirror. The group soon finds a way of breaking Agleaca’s curse after breaking the mirror. Drew and her group began enquiring about the sea shanty after learning that it could help them defeat the curse of Agleaca.

The gang learnt that Johnny Mac owner the vinyl record of 45 years last. But, he died in 1975, and his vengeful spirit began attacking the group after they began searching for the record. Millie, the mother of Nick, also comes and asks him to return home to Miami. However, she, later on, agrees to Nick staying in Maine and also approves of George’s relationship with him. Moreover, the group discovered Agleaca’s relationship to Bess’s ancestor. They could find any way of killing Agleaca. The spirit is angry with them and does not listen to any of their pleas. At last, they decided that killing Agleaca could only help them live.

Nancy Drew Season 2: Where to Watch Online?

Nancy Drew Season 2 premieres at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW in the U.S. However, it is also available for watching free online on the website and app of The CW without signing up or logging in. But, the same is available only for the people of the U.S. Thus, those people from other countries have to download VPN and watch the series. The show is not available on any streaming platforms except Prime Video and AirtelXStream. Moreover, one has to purchase the show on any streaming platform. HBO Max is airing only the first season. Nancy Drew’s second season is not yet until up in the HBO Max. FuboTV and AT&T is also premiering the series. In Canada, W Network airs the series. Apart from HBO Max, Nancy Drew Season 1 is available for streaming on FuboTV, Google Play, Prime Video, YouTube, iTunes, and VUDU. However, it is only available only in selected countries. So, one must install VPN for watching it ff it is not available in their country. 

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