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How To Watch Movies Together Online?

Watch Movies Online Together
How To Watch Movies Together Online?

By the end of today’s article, you will know How To Watch Movies Together Online. Since the start of the Coronavirus global pandemic, people have been locked into their homes to be safe. The echoes of this pandemic have transcended every possible geographical boundary and affected every country. Regardless of the fact that our world is slowly opening up, people’s movements continue to be largely limited. Cinema halls and theaters have still not opened. Recent movies have released on popular streaming services instead of theatrical releases. The internet massive internet boom that has happened over the past two decades has certainly helped people keep themselves sane. Read on to find out more about How To Watch Movies Together Online.

Since most people are at home now, you need something to pass time. Watching movies alone is fun, sure. But this fun is multiplied exponentially when your friends and cousins from all across the world can join you to watch your favorite movies. The best part of it all you ask? You get to stay within the comforts of your own bedroom, at home, and watch movies with your best friends and a tub of ice cream. Here are 6 different ways to Watch Movies Together Online.

1. Amazon Watch Party

Watch Movies Together Online

Amazon Prime Video

In order to be able to simultaneously stream movies on Amazon Prime Video, all you need to do is install a simple Google extension. On Amazon Prime Video’s desktop version, a simple link needs to be generated for the party to start. Several people can join the link to simultaneously stream movies and series. You can also chat in real-time in the chatbox and share your reviews about the program. When one person pauses the program, it pauses for everyone. This ensures that no 0ne misses out on a scene and can keep up with each other properly.

2. Netflix Watch Party

How To Watch Movies Together Online


Again, just like Amazon Prime Watch Party, Netflix Watch Party works similarly. It allows you to stream movies and shows simultaneously on several shows. You can literally ‘Netflix and chill’ with your friends while social distancing in your room. Netflix Watch Party also allows you to constantly chat with each other in real-time. Of course, it’s important that everyone has a Netflix subscription. This goes for Amazon Prime too. Everyone joining the party needs to have a subscription.

3. Hulu Watch Party

Watch Free Movies Online Together


Very conveniently in-built in the desktop version of Hulu, one can Watch Movies Together Online on Hulu by simply enabling the Watch Party option. This allows viewers from all across the world to come together and spend time with each other by watching the same movie. Hulu is an exclusive paid platform. There are several shows and movies on Hulu that you cannot find anywhere else on the internet. It is, of course, required that you have a Hulu subscription to enjoy Hulu Watch Party.

4. Disney+ Groupwatch

Stream Movies Online Free


Again, just like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, Disney+ has its own watch party feature. It is called Disney+ Groupwatch. However, there is a limitation to the number of devices here. It is limited to seven devices across mobiles, televisions, and the Disney+ website. Another important point to note here is that, unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, you cannot chat on Disney+. Instead, you can enjoy your favorite movies with your favorite people using various emoticons available for chat. Perhaps in the future, users will finally get a real-time chat feature. For now, it is all with emojis. There is an icon with three people in the upper right corner that needs to be selected to activate Group watch. The generated link must be shared with everyone to join.

5. Zoom or Skype

Watch Movies Online On Zoom


Probably one of the easiest ways to watch movies together with friends and family is on Zoom or Skype. The best part here is that, not only do you get to chat with each other, you can also see everyone. This is best for movies in the comedy and horror genre. All you need to do is start a video chat and up to 100 people can join. Moreover, you needn’t subscribe to any streaming service to be able to watch a movie on Zoom or Skype. Make sure that your group video chat is closed/locked so that random strangers don’t enter the link.

6. Gaze

YouTube Watch Party


Another exciting service – Gaze is significantly different from the other methods to watch movies online. It is a service that specific to YouTube. This lets people not only video chat with each other but also sync their movies/videos and chat in real-time. Gaze is also extremely user-friendly. However, the only problem with Gaze is that YouTube has very limited choices for movies. Perhaps in the near future, we will get Gaze for other movie streaming platforms too. Till then enjoy your favorite video compilations on YouTube with your friends via Gaze. 

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