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How To Watch ‘Midnight’ 2021 Korean Movie?

Where To Watch Midnight 2021 Korean Movie
Midnight 2021 Korean Movie

After its release, many fans must be wondering about where to watch Midnight 2021 Korean movie. It has gained pretty positive reviews because of its excellent storyline, perfectly combined with the talented cast members. Midnight 2021 is a life and death hide-seek between a deaf woman Kyung Mi and a psychopathic killer Do Shik, who is chasing her. One night changes her whole life. A loud silence breaks in her soundless life after witnessing Do Shik’s brutality! Will she survive this hunt? Or will she end up being his next prey?

The South Korean Midnight is a thriller-mystery action film written and directed by Kwon Oh Seung starring Jin Ki Joo, Wi Ha Joon, and Kim Hye Yoon. Its filming began in September 2019 and was completed at the end of the same year. The film was originally scheduled to be released in the first half of 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, its release date was postponed. Finally, the film Midnight was released in theaters in June 2021. The endless chase between a woman with hearing impairment and a psychopathic killer with the loudest silence has shaken viewers’ hearts. Shivers will run down through veins with the spine-chilling plot. Watch Midnight 2021 only if your heart can handle blood-curdling views!

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Plot Summary of Midnight

Midnight 2021 is a South Korean mystery thriller film describing a life-threatening hide and seek scenario between a deaf woman and a psychopathic killer in intense silence. The plot revolves around a deaf woman named Kyung Mi and an antagonist Do Shik. Kyung Mi works at a call center when one day, after having a rough time due to an unpleasant dinner with a client, she drives home after picking her mother. On the other side, Do Shik finds Kyung Mi’s mother waiting for her daughter, who goes to part the car.

Where To Watch Midnight 2021 Korean Movie

Midnight 2021 featuring Do Shik

However, at the last moment, Do Shik changes his target from Kyung Mi’s mother to another girl, So Jung, who passes him while talking on the phone. Unfortunately, So Jung gets stabbed by Do Shik in a back alley with no people around. However, the story takes turns when Kyung Mi finds her in the worst situation and ends up becoming an ill-fated witness and Do Shik’s new prey.

Cast of Midnight Korean Movie

The movie Midnight 2021 casts various talented actors and actresses. It stars Jin Ki Joo as Kyung Mi, who is a deaf person, working as a sign counselor at a call center and also an unfortunate witness to Do Sik’s brutality; Wi Ha Joon is playing Do Shik, a psychopathic serial killer, who attacks men and women at night, a perfect manipulator playing the antagonist role. Kim Hye Yoon as So Jung Eun, who is the younger sister of Jong Tak. Gil Hae Yeon as Kyung Mi’s mother, who is also deaf. The supporting cast members include Park Hoon, Kang In Seo, Noh Su Min, Na Eun Saem, Lee Jae Seok, and Park Ji Hoon. Bae Eun Woo and Kwon Young Min make a special appearance in Midnight Korean movie.

Where To Watch Midnight 2021 Korean Movie

Midnight 2021 Korean Movie Cast Members

Where To Watch Midnight 2021 Korean Movie?

Sadly, Midnight 2021 Korean movie is not available on any official online streaming networks. However, if you live in South Korea, you can watch Midnight 2021 Korean movie on TVING. It is an online streaming network accessible only in South Korea. As for international viewers, Midnight 2021 is available on various unofficial websites such as Dramacool or Dramanice with English Subtitles. The movie premiered on 30 June 2021. It runs for a 103min duration. If you enjoy psychological thriller movies, Midnight is your cup of tea to enjoy! Check out Midnight 2021 trailer!

Midnight Review- Watch It or Skip It?

Watch It

The thriller mystery Midnight 2021 Korean movie has received positive reviews. From the start till the end, it will leave you breathless, basking in goosebumps of creepiness. Besides the well-written thriller plot, the cast is another main reason to watch it. All the cast members have delivered excellent performances, especially Jin Ki Joo and Wi Ha Joon. Jin Ki Joo has notably portrayed a deaf but strong and smart woman character that would make you want to jump inside in the movie to help her. Wi Ha Joon is no different. He has shown remarkable dark and intense character with his acting. Therefore, such a heart-thumping film must not be skipped! Hold your breath and watch Midnight 2021 Korean movie.

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