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How to Watch Megamind, The Animated Superhero Film?

With 10 award nominations across several categories for awards like The National Movie Awards and The Comedy Awards, Megamind is an animation film everyone should watch on a weekend. Widely discussed and received well, the movie is available on different platforms in different regions where one can watch the movie. So we will go through all the answers for Where to Watch Megamind. The list is non-exhaustive and we are up to date with the current availability scenario of the movie in various regions.

Released in the year 2010, Megamind is an animated superhero film with an ensemble of the voice cast that includes Will Ferell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, Jessica Schulte, David Cross, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux, Emily Nordwind, with background score and music by highly acclaimed Hans Zimmer and directed by Tom McGrath. A good commercial success, the animated superhero film’s ability to appeal to both children and adults makes it special.

A still from the movie Megamind

So getting to the thick of things, in the coming section we will have the answer to the question: Where to watch Megamind?

Where to watch Megamind in India?

So first comes our Indian folks. As of now, you can catch Megamind in the comfort of your homes via Netflix. But there’s a catch. The 1 hour 35 minutes long movie is going to leave the platform on March 31. So be quick and catch the movie at the earliest. Maybe this weekend?

Where to watch Megamind in the UK and Europe?

For the fans in the UK, the movie is available on both the big platforms- Netflix UK and Amazon Prime. Also for other European countries like Germany and Ireland, the movie is available on Netflix only.

Where to watch Megamind in the USA?

For the fans in the United States, the movie can be rented on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play Movies, and Vudu TV. Also, the biggest takeaway for the USA folks is that the movie can be streamed for free on IMDB tv. Pretty sure one cannot ignore this movie after this.

Where to watch Megamind in Australia?

Now talking about Australia, the viewers in Australia can catch the movie on Netflix and Stan.

Megamind – plot recap and discussion

The superhero film stands out in its premise. Although a superhero film, the film does not have a traditional superhero. The villain, in fact supervillain named Megamind is now bored. Because he has already defeated his arch-nemesis and hero of the town Metro Man and he has no one to feud with. So he creates a new hero from the remains of Metro Man whom Megamind himself blows up.

From the movie Megamind

But the problem arises when the new hero created is in fact, not a hero. He self learns and eventually turns out to be narcissistic, deluded, and sinister. So in simple words, a villain. So Megamind now has to become the new hero which the town needs to stop the rebooted version of Metro Man. What follows are the battles and fallouts from the various events. The movie with a significantly shorter run time treats the story well and Megamind comes out as an entertainer and wholesome movie.

The movie gathered 10 nominations in various categories and got nominated for awards like The National Awards and The Comedy Awards in the United States. Critics hailed the movie for its nonorthodox treatment of the superhero versus supervillain trope.

Megamind  – discussion

There can be several factors that can be attributed to the reception of the movie being as such as it was. First and foremost, the humor. The film and its humor have subtle undertones of adult humor(i mean the joke at which an adult would be smiling and nodding in agreement.). Animation films can get quite boring for adult audiences, per se parents. But a hint of adult humor with the jokes gets the grown-up hooked. 

The use of physical comedy in its sequences with all the dialogues and stuff helped the movie entertain the kids. Small children can’t be expected to understand the dialogues and draw the narratives. Well executed physical comedy scenes i.e. funny faces, awkward dances, running, and catching sequences all got positive responses from the little audience. And the witty and clever dialogues are for the adults in the house. So everyone’s happy.

The pop-culture references also add up to the strong presence of the movie. I mean, there is no chance that you see a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference while watching something and not call back the episode it belongs to or cherish the good memories related to the made reference. That’s how everyone would think. Hence the humor level, pop culture, and brilliant physical comedy delight and entertain the kids and the parents of the family, alike. 

A superhero movie where the hero is not the hero and the villain is not the villain excited the fans from the basic premise itself. An unorthodox movie, the animated superhero movie is even dubbed as one of the underrated animated movies. So if not seen already, you know which is the next movie you are going to pick up to watch.

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