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How To Watch Law School K-Drama?


The K-Drama industry is back with another legal drama. After Suspicious Partner, we will come across a new television series Law School. The drama stars Kim Myung-min, Kim Bum, Ryu Hye- Young, and Lee Jung- Eun. Seo In is the writer of the Law School K-drama. The production house is Gonggamdong House. Korea National University is the place the story surrounds. It tells the story of an unusual case which the students and professors of the legal department come across and the journey of how they solve it.

The Law School K-drama was first announced under the title Law School Monsters by the production house in June 2018. JTBC purchased the streaming rights in June 2020. Kim Seok-Yoon will be co-producing the Law School in collaboration with Gonggamdong House’s Choi Sai-rack.


The trailer of the upcoming legal drama Law School was released on 24th February 2021 on JTBC’s official YouTube channel. It received huge appreciation from the viewers, and within a few hours of its release, the video gathered a great response from the viewers.

What Is The Law School K-Drama About?

The faculty and students of the National University of Korea come across an unusual case that needs a different approach to get solved. Yang Joon-hoon is a prosecutor-turned professor who is famous for his harsh words and cold personality. This trait makes him one of the best professors ever. He has the power to persuade the younger generations with his strict methods of teaching and is adamant about the performances of his juniors, as he wants to extract the best from them. He is un-effected by the fact that the students dislike him. The only colleague he is comfortable speaking and open up to is professor Kim Eun-sook.

Kim Eun-sook is a former judge who gained fame and respect to become the head of the court through her commanding style and a personality that is not bound by any rules or worries. She is a free soul and the only confiding person for Yang Joon-hoon. The story showcases two first years—Han Joon-hwi, who is incredibly intelligent and scores the best grades among his mates.

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Being a handsome young man, he easily grabs the attention of people and be a part of everyone’s good books. A part of his personality is hidden from the outer world, which will later be a turning point in the story. At the same time, Kang Sol is an ambitious girl hailing from a poor background. She is often ridiculed about her status and feels insecure in between the students at the university, belonging to rich families. With these striking characteristics, all of them go through rough parts in their lives to solve the mysterious case. It will be a nail-biting ending to look for.

The much anticipated K-drama Law School stars one of the finest actors of the South Korean industry. It casts Kim Bum, of the Boys Over Flowers’ fame as Han Joon-hwi, the intelligent first-year student who stands on with top grades. The role of a prosecutor-turned professor Yang Joon- hoon has been played by Kim Myung-min. Ryu Hye-young plays the role of a first-year student Kang Sol who got special admission to the university. Another important role will be played by Lee Jung-Eun, who portrays a judge-turned professor Kim Eun-sook. Some of the supporting roles will be played by Lee David (Seo Ji-ho), Hyun Woo (Yoo Seung-Jae), Gil Hae-Yoon (Oh Jung-hee), Oh Man-Seok (Kang Joo-man), to name a few.

How to Watch Law School K-Drama Online?

The Law School K-drama, which is expected to have an episode of sixty minutes, will air on the JTBC network. It will have its premiere on 14th April 2021 on JTBC’s official website. One can watch it every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:00. It is a series with 16 episodes in all. After a long break, the fans will be able to explore the legal world with a blend of mystery and romance.

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Episode Schedule of Law School K-Drama

The drama is expected to have the following releasing schedule:

  • Law School episode 1 – 14th April 2021
  • Law School episode 2 – 15th April 2021
  • Law School episode 3 – 21st April 2021
  • Law School episode 4 – 22nd April 2021
  • Law School episode 5 – 28th April 2021
  • Law School episode 6 – 29th April 2021
  • Law School episode 7 – 5th May 2021
  • Law School episode 8 – 6th May 2021
  • Law School episode 9 – 6th May 2021
  • Law School episode 10 – 12th May 2021
  • Law School episode 11 – 12th May 2021
  • Law School episode 12 – 13th May 2021
  • Law School episode 13 – 19th May 2021
  • Law School episode 14 – 20th May 2021
  • Law School episode 15 – 26th May 2021
  • Law School episode 16 – 27th May 2021

Directed by Kim Seok Yoon, Law School is a K-drama with a star-studded cast. It is produced by JTBC Studios and Studio phoenix. The audio format is one of the finest – Dolby Digital. In the midst of love stories and fantasies, we have a great chance of indulging and exploring the realities of the legal department with the help of the Law School.