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How To Watch ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’ Korean Drama Online?

I Have Not Done My Best Yet

The 2022 tvN k-drama ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’ is one of the best-underrated k-dramas of the year until now. From a hard-hitting storyline to an amazing and talented cast, the k-drama has it all. Now that it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. And fans have been wanting to watch ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’. Starring ‘The World of Married’ fame Park Hae Joon, ‘Hospital Playlist’ fame Kim Gab Soo, ‘King Maker: The Change of Destiny’ fame Park Jung Yeon, and ‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’ fame Kim Do Wan, the k-drama is one amazing affair.

‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’ follows the story of a man named Nam Geum Pil. Currently, in his 40’s, Nam Geum Pil has not achieved anything in his life. Living with his father and daughter, he’s dependent on his family and friends. Known for making bad decisions, Geum Pil decides to quit his job because he wasn’t feeling fulfilled. But when asked about his plans for the future, the man has no answers. He freeloads from his friend when he wants to drink alcohol. When at home, he gets nags at by his father. And his daughter is tired of seeing her father aimless like this.

Watch 'I Have Not Done My Best Yet'

Watch ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’: A still from the k-drama.

What Happens In The K-drama ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’?

As Nam Geum Pil is wasting his life at home, he wants to do something but just can’t get him to do something. Watching his father work hard all his life and not do anything when his time came, the guilt gets really real. On the other side, having a daughter, he’s not supportive of her as well. And it’s affecting her real bad as she’s growing up hating the world now. Geum Pil does want to do something, but his selfishness comes in the way.

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When Geum Pil gets to know about a male neighbor who has an appearance of an average unemployed man, apparently, the neighbor makes a lot of money as he’s a webcomic writer. Not thinking much about the cons but the pros, Geum Pil hopes to make these things. He decides to become a comic writer. The k-drama is based on the manga series named “Ore Wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake”. It is written by Shunju Aono. The k-drama is a remake of the Japanese drama ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’.

Watch ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’: A still from the k-drama.

As a k-drama, ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’ has its own pros and cons. But it won’t be a waste of time watching it as the good things overpower the k-drama over the bad things. From the father and son relationship to the almost fated relationship of Sang Ah and Joo Hyuk, the k-drama has a lot of moments that would take you on an emotional ride. Nam Geum Pil is the most relatable character in the history of the life of slice k-dramas. Along with that, there’s more reality and middle-life crisis than comedy.

How To Watch ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’ Episodes With Subtitles Online?

All the episodes of the k-drama ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’ are available on the streaming service TVING. However, the TVING service is only available in the South Korean region. For global viewing, all the episodes are available on the streaming service ‘Bilibili’ online with English subtitles. With each episode having a runtime of 60 minutes, ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’ have a total of 12 episodes. The k-drama can easily be wrapped up in a day and is perfect for watching on a weekend when the existential dread is eating you alive. If you want to go for the original, the Japanese version of ‘I Have Not Done My Best Yet’ is available to rent on Amazon.

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