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How To Watch Hold Me Korean BL Drama?

How to Watch Hold Me in Online?
Promotional teaser for Hold Me (Credit: Strongberry)

Hold Me is a short BL romantic school drama of only seven minutes. However, the show depicted the strong communication it wants to give to the public despite being short. Strongberry Productions is the creator of the series. They are strongly known for producing short BL movies with a message to the audience. They have been doing so since 2017 and are also available on Vimeo. Hold Me is the most recent development of the company. It got released on June 01, 2021. Furthermore, the series is a gift from the company for Pride Month in June. They want everyone to be happy for watching the series. Now, where to watch the short movie as it is gaining more and more popularity.

Hold Your Hand is another name for the Hold Me series. Jeon Yeong In plays one of the leading roles in the short movie. He plays the role of Jae Min. The short film depicts the message that everyone can be happy. One only needs to find the person and look forward to the future. The latest BL creation is due to the LGBT Pride Month that runs for a month. June 28 is the Global Day for the celebration. 

Hold Me: A Glimpse into the Short BL Film

Hole Me starts with two school-going boys running somewhere while holding each other’s hands. They stop a back alley and stops running. One boy looks and smiles at the other one. He goes near to the other boy while looking longingly and fixes his necktie. He says to the other boy to stay well-groomed all the time. Furthermore, he fixes the necktie and says Perfect. On the other hand, the other boy looks, smiles at him, and asks him what is he talking about? The other boy fixes the first one’s hair. However, he pulls his hands away when the first boy was seeing him. Then, the first one asks him why did he touch his hair as he had done his hair before coming. Then, he went to stand side by side with the other one.

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The other boy gets sad and asks him what is he planning to do. Furthermore, he asks him does he want to impress someone. The first one replies negatively and asks if it is okay for them to skip classes. The other boys say it is because he has something to say to the first boy. Then, he apologizes and says sorry to him and continuously says the same. The first one asks him why is he saying sorry to which the other one says he does not know, but he did say sorry. However, the first one looks disappointed and asks him is it all this. The other one replies and says it feels good to graduate together with him, and now they do not have to go to school anymore. 

They begin talking about going to different universities and moving out of their home. However, the first boy confesses his liking to the other one before going. The other one pulls him back and kisses him. Then, their graduation ceremony takes place and clicks photos at the end. In the end, the other boy says to the one that they will be happy in the end definitely.  

Hold Me: How to Watch it Online?

Hold Me is available for watching online easily on YouTube. It is the creation of StrongBerry Productions. They have an official channel on YouTube with the same name. The short movie is exclusively available on the channel and is not anywhere else. Thus, one can easily avail the movie. Hold Me got favorable ratings and reviews. I would like to review the same as 7 out of 10. The movie gave a beautiful message, although it was short. It seems that even the seven minutes for the show are short. It is well written off, and even the chemistry between the characters gets depicted better than in most long movies. Many are wishing for it to be a real and long series as it has the potential to be one. Furthermore, the series executed the ending with a good one and giving positive vibes.

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