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How To Watch Korean Movie Go Back Online?

Go back
Go back poster

One of the awaited Korean movies of 2021, ” Go back ” (고백 ), is out now. Released on February 24th, go back have already become successful in South Korea’s box office. Seo Eun-young directs the movie. she is also known for directing 2015’s hit teen drama movie Overman. It is interesting to see a coming of age genre director working on a crime drama movie. The movie is also getting internationally recognized.

Go back (고백 ) narrates a story of a young policewoman who meets a little girl. A few days later, she goes missing and is suspected of being kidnapped. Surprisingly, the kidnapper comes front with a strange message asking to donate to a welfare center if the police want the kid alive. Therefore the policewoman investigates the case herself to find the girl and the reason behind the kidnapping.

Go back in English sounds familiar to the Korean word meaning Gabeak, which means confession. The original Korean name of the movie is Confession. The title of the movie plays a significant role as the meaning itself states the process of gaining courage and speak out, which would be hard to confess. Furthermore, the meaning of Go BACK can be perceived as longing for a return to a time that can prevent the terrible tragedy of children and hopes that all children can enjoy the opportunity to become adults.


Where to Watch Go Back?

The movie production is the result of the collaboration of little big picture and Parade pictures. While the series is available on the official streaming website of Viki in South Korea, the other countries won’t be able to access it. Also, it is available on the streaming websites like Amazon US, which again is only accessible for American audiences.  Whereas you can also find Go back on binged, which is an American video streaming website popular for streaming Asian TV dramas and movies.

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About the movie

The movie is about a new policewoman Ji-won. While on duty, she meets a mysterious lady O-sun. The lady is a social worker and has a deep attachment to abused children.  She tries to rescue and help them. On a hot summer day, An unprecedented kidnapping case takes place in which a person will kill a kidnapped child if it does not reach 100 million won within a week of 1,000 won per person. Meanwhile, the message from a kidnapper has spread through the media, and this case becomes a national concern immediately.

Meanwhile, Ji-won doubts the correlation between this case and Oh Soon. Suddenly, a death case occurs in the police region of a man who was the father of Bora. Whereas the social worker Oh Soon, who took care of Bora and Bora, disappeared somewhere. Ji-won gets to know that Bo-ra was the victim of domestic abuse who was under the responsibility of Oh soon.  When ‘Ji-won’ realizes that Bo-ra and O-sun disappeared together, Ji-won decides to find Oh Soon.

Character poster of Go back – Credit: Big little Picture.

A crime film depicting a child who disappeared on the day of an unprecedented kidnapping case that demands 100 million won each for a national donation for 7 days, a social worker angry at parents who abused the child, a police officer suspicious of a social worker, and the courageous confession of the child.

” The Abusive parents or the kidnappers who save. Who should we stand on?”


The movie has some of the great actors of South Korea.

Which includes Park Hasun playing the role of Oh soon, the social worker. She rose to fame with her role as Queen Inhyeon in 2010’s periodical drama Dong Yi. She also portrayed a complex character that goes from feelings of maternal love for the abused child to anger toward the perpetrator of violence. Moreover, she even won the Korean Fantastic Feature Award at the 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival for her sincere performance in Go back.

Ha Yoon Kyung playing the main lead Jiwon who is a new police officer. She rose to stardom with the medical drama  Medical Top Team in 2013. She took on the role of supporting the character of the new police officer with a peculiar intuition, drawing interestingly the process of gradually approaching the truth, breathing with the audience, and amplifying the tension.

What to Expect from the movie?

‘Go back’ highly inspired by a child abuse case that has recently emerged as a social topic as the Jeong In incident in South Korea. It is the first  Korean film with social issues as the main focus in 2021 that asks heavy questions about such child abuse. It is a movie that arouses empathy and arouses social interest through the film. In addition, the movie has the fun of crime dramas that continue a breathtaking tightrope between the mystery and responsibility as social accusations.

It is a conscience test for the people of the nation as the kidnapping case requires 100 million won each for a national donation of 1,000 won in exchange for life. It has the vibes from the mix of social commentary and thriller. What you can expect is the reflection of what is happening in our today’s society.

If we talk about the direction and performances, the movie’s suspense can keep you hooked for hours. The overall mood of the movie is quite engaging as it keeps making the audience think about what will happen next. And also, PArk Han sun’s transformation to surprise the audience was impressive. She shows a completely new face that has never been seen before through this film.

The poster of Go back – Credit: Big little Picture.

This movie should be a must on your list for the 2021 Korean movies to watch. Even though the story may feel heavy but it’s worth watching. This is definitely an eye-opener movie.

Durgeshnandini is a journalist in making. She loves to experience new things and share their experience through her writing. She is also a Content writer and Contributing author at Otakukart. You can reach out to her at

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