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How to Watch Free Guy Movie Online?

How to Watch Free Guy Movie Online?
Ryan Reynolds as Guy - credit 20h Century Studios

Free Guy is an upcoming sci-fi comedy action film directed by Shawn Levy. The screenplay is done by Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn, while the story is created by Lieberman. When the movie was in its initial works, it was being produced at 20th Century Fox. A little later, the studio was acquired by Disney and was later renamed 20th Century Studios. Moreover, Free Guy became the first film to continue its production mid-way as its ownership transferred from FOX to Disney.

As for the star and producer of the movie, Ryan Reynolds, he expressed himself as to how immersed he became in this movie. Personally, for him, nothing has engaged him this way since Deadpool. The filming for the same began in May 2019 with principal photography. In this article, we will discuss the prospects of the Free Guy Movie Online release.

The plot of Free Guy

Free City is an Open-World Video Game that happens to be a possible amalgamation of Grand Theft Auto Games. Here, Ryan Reynolds’ character, Guy, is a non-player character within the game. Initially, he repeats his daily schedule of work as a bank teller, but later, things take quite a turn. Thanks to a program created by programmers Milly and Keys, which is later introduced into the Free City by the publisher, Antoine, a glitch occurs in the game. This anomaly causes Guy to gain self-awareness as he rejects his role as a background character and takes it upon himself to be the hero. In his quest, Guy is in a Race Against Time where he tries to save the game while the developers try to shut it down for good.

Free Guy Release Date

Free Guy is set to have its theatrical release on 13th August 2021. The film was initially to be released back in last year on 3rd July 2013. But due to the global pandemic situation, there was a delay in the production process leading to a delay from the initial release date. The new release date was set for December 11, which then again was removed from the release schedule. Disney took off Free Guy along with Death on the Nile from its release slate only to postpone them to later dates. In the very next month, the new release date was set for 21st May 2021. But unsurprisingly, on 24th March 2021, this release date was again moved to a later date on 13th August 2021.

Free Guy and Death on the Nile theatrical releases get Delayed.

Why was Free Guy Delayed?

Free Guy has now been delayed multiple times since last year. And if anything was to be pointed out as the reason, it has to be the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Free Guy isn’t the only movie to face such a delay as the same was the case for Death on the Nile. And this new release date seems to be much more assuring, considering how other movie titles like The Suicide Squad, The King’s Man, and Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard are also lined- up to around that time.

If this wasn’t assuring enough, Ryan Reynolds himself posted on his Instagram. In this video, he expressed how sure he was about the upcoming release date. This was just a tongue-in-cheek video where he is sure about the upcoming release date, but nonetheless, it could all go wrong according to the situation. Here we have an awkwardly edited clip of Ryan Reynolds declaring the release date to be 13th August 2021. This would mean that the movie will release after a little more than 2 years from when the production began.

How to Watch Free Guy Movie Online?

Unfortunately, as of now, Free Guy is only set for a theatrical release. Earlier, there was a rumor going around as to how Free Guy was about to be released on Netflix. Then again, it was a hoax as to how things look; 20th Century Studios seem adamant on a theatrical release. Through time it has become clear that 20th Century Studios are not resorting to home release on OTT Platforms. But, the company getting acquired by Disney makes us think if Free Guy would come out later on Disney+ even if it doesn’t coincide with the theatrical release.

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