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How to Watch Explained Season 3 Online?

Here’s how to watch Explained season 3 online. Firstly, Explained is a web docuseries by Vox Media based upon their YouTube video series picked up by streaming giant Netflix back in 2018. Since its adoption by Netflix, the series has had three significant seasons and five spin-offs. Each episode has a similar format, running between 15 and 30 minutes explaining various topics, from cryptocurrencies to marriages, politics, food, and everything in between. 

Today in Otakukart, we will explain how to watch this popular show online if you are interested. Firstly, there are three seasons. Season one consists of twenty episodes, season two consists of ten episodes released between September and November 2029, and the latest season, which is season three, just dropped on July 16, 2021. It consists of 14 episodes released in a weekly manner. All episodes have a different topic. Now jump with us as we take you through the broad strokes of this show.

How to Watch Explained Season 3 Online?

Explained Season 3 online is available to watch on Netflix as it is an exclusive show. And that means that with an essential Netflix subscription, you can get all the seasons, plus The Mind, Explained, a five-chapter miniseries with topics focused on the brain, as well as the sex edition, the coronavirus release, the voting series dedicated to the 2019 election and the five-episode run devoted to money, finances, and student loans.

All in all, if you watch all the episodes of Explained, you’re in for more than four hours of binge-watching, so if you’re in for a marathon, you could watch the entire series in one day. Moreover, Explained is an entertaining series. Its visuals and editing are stunning, and the voiceovers are always narrated by a different person, generally a celebrity, from Nick Kroll, Jerry Springer, Kevin Smith, Christian Slater, Hillary Swank, etc.

How to Watch Explained Season 3 Online?

How to Watch Explained Season 3 Online?

What Topics does Explained Season 3 Cover?

The third season of Explained, like its predecessors, covers a variety of unrelated topics. The first chapter will be “Sugar” for this season, narrated by Keri Russell (Felicity from the WB show). Secondly, Rosario Dawson describes “Royalty.” After that, Samira Wiley from Orange is the New Black will explain “Flags” to us. Later, in the fourth episode, Jake Gyllenhaal gives us a tour of “Dogs. Moreover, Explained brings us Ethan Hawke to tell us how petroleum sees its final days in “The end of oil.”

The final two chapters in this season are “Chess,” narrated by Rain Wilson (Dwight Schrute from The Office, American version), and Explained’s season 3 last episode will cover the body’s largest organ, human skin, in an episode titled “Your Skin” narrated by Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda). As stated earlier, this is a Netflix Original, so the only way to watch it online is on that platform. Although Netflix seldom drops an episode for the promotional value of past seasons in their YouTube channel, so if you don’t have a subscription and can’t wait, you should go there and watch one episode for free.

How to Watch Explained Season 3 Online?

How to Watch Explained Season 3 Online?

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Is there similar content to Explained online?

If you’re looking for similar content to Explained online, we got you covered! If you’re a TikTok fan, then you should definitely check out the video and content producer for Vox Media Cleo Abram’s TikTok profile. She regularly posts videos on the same thematic as Explained. And she even did an episode for season 10 called “Diamonds,” which features jeweler Jacob Arabo from the prestigious company Jacob & Company. Cleo’s TikTok videos are very much in the fashion of “Explained.”

Similar Shows To Explained On Netflix

If you have Netflix, we can recommend two shows that are in a similar fashion to the docuseries of Explained. Firstly Brian Volk-Weiss produced the American documentary web series The Movies That Made Us. It is a spin-off of the tv show The Toy That Made Us. In the same way, as Explained’s storyline delves into vivid themes of problems. The Movies That Made Us is devoted to popular films produced during the 1980s and 1990s. The series explores the fascinating tales behind these films.

Another docuseries published in 2020 is Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything. However, unlike the actors of Netflix’s Explained, viewers may watch narrator and journalist Latif Nasser narrate the whole program in his own investigative methods. The program investigates how all people are linked to one another and to the cosmos.

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