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How To Watch Dummy Mommy K-Drama?

Dummy Mommy K-Drama
Dummy Mommy K-Drama

Dummy Mommy is a South Korean drama released in 2012. If you are a fan of watching some classic k-drama flooded with melodrama and a slight touch of romance, Dummy Mommy is a perfect drama for you. The k-drama Dummy Mommy is directed by Lee Dong Hoon (God’s Gift: 14 Days) and written by Park Kye Ok (Mr. Queen), starring Kim Hyun Joo, Ha Hee Ra, Shin Hyun Joon, Kim Jeong Hoon, Kim Tae Woo, and Ahn Seo Hyun. The plot revolves around a modern mom whose family breaks apart after her husband cheats on her with another woman. 

The Korean drama Dummy Mommy, also known as Foolish Mom, is a family comedy show. It was released in 2012 on the SBS network. Even though numerous new k-dramas are coming every year, some old classic k-dramas are truly worthy of your time. Dummy Mommy is one of such dramas. But only if you enjoy watching tear-jerking dramas. Dummy Mommy is a story of Kim Yong Joo (Kim Hyun Soo) with a bright future but embarrassing family background; well, according to her. She leaves home in the hope of making a bright future for herself, which she does, but that comes with a price. Her marriage life falls apart with her husband cheating on her and her daughter blaming her for everything. Will now she learn the true meaning of family? Will she be left alone in this cruel world?

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How To Watch Dummy Mommy K-Drama Online?

Unfortunately, Dummy Mommy is not available on any official streaming networks. The drama was premiered in March 2012 on SBS TV. It comprises 20 episodes; each episode runs for 60mins. Since the drama aired in 2012, it is hard to find it on any international streaming network. Therefore, if you still want to watch the drama, only one option left is watching it on unofficial websites. 

There are various unofficial websites available, where you can easily find old Korean dramas such as Dramacool or Dramanice etc. Until Dummy Mommy comes on any streaming networks like Netflix, Viki, or Amazon Prime, you can watch the drama on the unofficial sites. If you are craving some heart-aching storyline with an excellent cast, Dummy Mommy is for you to enjoy. 

Dummy Mommy

Dummy Mommy

Plot Summary 

As we mentioned, Dummy Mommy is a family comedy-drama with subtle romance. Dummy Mommy is a journey of a modern mother discovering herself and the essence of a true family. The plot revolves around Kim Young Joo, the youngest editor of a fashion magazine with an IQ of 200. At a young age, she runs away from her home because of her sister’s developmental disability and embarrassed by her over affection. However, after giving birth to her daughter and becoming a mother herself, Kim Young Joo realizes how much family matters and sees her life and family differently. 

Another person who helps her in the journey of finding herself is her cheater husband, Park Jung Do. He cheats on her with another woman named Oh Chae Rin. From there, Kim Young Joo’s journey begins, where she discovers the genuine meaning of family and begins cherishing her small family of herself and her daughter Park Dat Byul. Throughout her journey, her sister Kim Sun Young and a young man Lee Je Ha help her. It also shows that Kim Young Joo is hiding a terrible secret from her family and friends; it will be the reason for your future tears. The starting episodes will make you laugh hard, while the ending episode will make you cry hard. Dummy Mommy is a good balance of comedy and drama with a heart-wrenching storyline. 

How To Watch Dummy Mommy K-Drama

Dummy Mommy (2012) cast members

The Cast of Dummy Mommy   

The storyline is one thing, but Dummy Mommy is a complete package because of its excellent, talented cast members. The main protagonist Kim Young Joo by Kim Hyun Joo (has acted in What Happened to My Family, I Have A Lover and Undercover). Young Joo’s sister Kim Sun Young is played by Ha Hee Ra (who has acted in Lady Cha Dal-Rae’s Lover and Record of Youth). The other cast includes Ahn Seo Hyun as Park Dat Byul, Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Je Ha, Kim Tae Woo as Park Jung Do, Shin Hyun Joon as Choi Go Man, Yoo In Young as Oh Chae Rin, and Gong Hyun Joo as Han Soo In as main leads. 

The supporting cast members include Park Hyung Sik, Kim Ha Kyun, Lee Se Na, Park Chul Min, Kim Chung, Sa Hee, etc. With such an outstanding cast, the drama is bound to execute the plot pretty well. If you want to take a break from the current release dramas and view classic comedy-drama-filled k-drama, watch Dummy Mommy (2012). Do not forget to prepare a box of tissues.

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