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How to Watch Anime? Legal Platforms to Stream Anime

There are a bunch of platforms to stream anime, but which ones to trust? If you’re wondering where to watch anime without trouble, here is a helpful guide.

Anime has been popular for a long time, and the craze only keeps growing. At least ten new people are planning to give it a shot as we speak. But, when it comes to streaming, the question often comes Where to watch anime? If you go look for it, there are n numbers of suggestions you would find. However, there are a lot of pros and cons to a lot of different platforms and websites.

The weeb culture has been finding its break on multiple occasions. It is about every year the fandom of Japanese animation sees significant new additions. Along with the organic interest of the audience to try out and stay updated on various shows, it is also for the social media platforms to give a boost to spread the word. Nowadays, through different videos, blogs, and other means of logging, people share their experiences and discussions. The depth is endless. The more you dwell deep, the more you will find reasons to go deeper.

Besides, the plots of anime are something that has the potential to get the viewers hooked in various ways. If you enjoy watching shows with engaging plots and deep meanings, there is a long list of anime that you should watch. Nonetheless, if you are someone who is just looking for casual entertainment, there are a bunch of anime for you that you can finish overnight as well. The genre of anime is “you name it”. So, now, if this introduction makes you wonder where to watch anime, we have got you covered. Here is a list of trustworthy platforms where you can watch anime.

Where to watch anime?


When we talk about anime, Crunchyroll is the name you will hear often. It is a hotspot for anime and drama. Crunchyroll enjoys the largest collection of anime and is accessible almost everywhere in the world. Here you would be able to find almost all of the anime. Additionally, it can also be used as a database where you can organize and maintain a list of anime you are planning to watch or are watching or have watched. Also, you can be a part of discussions through comments made by you and other users. In addition, the website also has feature articles and news which will help you understand and find out what is going on in the weeb universe. Hence, needless to say, the recommendations you get solely through the website are enough for you to be caught up on trending anime.

where to watch anime

The platform is compatible with various devices like Xbox, PS, Chromecast, etc. Also, it is accessible through various operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. The membership plans also have a variety to fit your need. Conclusively, Crunchyroll is a one-stop destination for all you want to know about and stream anime.

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One of the most widely popular OTT platforms, Netflix, along with a variety of shows and series, has to offer a decent collection of anime. You would be able to find a vast collection of anime here. Mostly all of the popular anime can be found on Netflix. One of the reasons to stream anime on Netflix is the factor of accessibility. The platform is available almost everywhere in the world and has subtitles in a range of different languages. Additionally, the plans offered by Netflix are affordable and have the provision of canceling or pausing the membership at any point.

Where to watch anime

Amazon Prime

Another OTT platform that has been accessible to the majority of audiences across the world. Originally started in the US, Amazon Prime has now spread its reach to a good portion of the globe. The platform also has got a satisfactory collection of anime that you can watch. You can find almost all popular anime here, and thanks to the algorithm, you can also find good recommendations.where to watch anime

Along with affordable plans, all the more reason to join the membership is the prime benefits on the e-commerce or music streaming platforms of the same company.

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Hulu is one of the most popular on-demand streaming platforms. It has also got a wide variety of anime to offer. From the popular titles to the classic ones, Hulu has got a wide range of collections in its database. If you want to watch anime as a beginner or intermediate, this platform is just right for you. The website has also got recent anime covered, and it can give you good recommendations based on your taste. You can also start a basic plan at an affordable price and enjoy the vast collection.where to watch anime


AnimeLab is now merging with Funimation and will now be known by the latter name. Earlier, Funimation and Anime Lab were two different platforms, but as Funimation expanded its availability to different countries, it has merged with Anime Lab to be known as Funimation.funimation

Both Funimation and AnimeLab have been anime-only streaming platforms, and now merging them only suggests an even better availability of anime to the users. “Direct From Japan to You” as the tagline suggests, they bring you a vast collection of anime and better availability of the latest episodes at an affordable price.


YouTube is a renowned video streaming platform known worldwide. It is practically accessible almost everywhere. What is lesser known is that it has got a collection of anime movies as well to offer. The collection here is not that big or vast as others, but it has got a small collection of anime movies that you can buy or rent according to your need.where to watch anime

One thing to keep in mind about streaming websites is that no website or platform can assure you 100% anime availability. Almost all popular anime and the majority of the classic anime can be found on most of the platforms, but there are a lot of factors that affect the availability of a certain anime in particular regions. While looking for any anime, it is advised to keep this in mind. Happy streaming!

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