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How To Use Reverse Filter On TikTok? Step-Wise Guide

Using The Reverse Filter For TikTok
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Tiktok garnering the trend with its filters is no new thing. For the past years, the platform has encouraged individuals around the world to bring the creative best out of them. At the same time, they come with theirs, the same way the platform does, too, from complex filters and transitions to the simplest and purest forms of them. TikTok has literally outdone itself, helping everyone to come up with something beautiful in merely 15 seconds. The videos indeed make your day or definitely someone else’s. Enough to put a smile on a face. While we have seen new forms of trends, filters, and transitions come and go, some have stayed and will continue to do so in the coming time.

In this post, we are talking about a similar filter that has been there for a long time. Even before Tiktok existed and video-editing on a device has been a thing. The Reverse option may allow you to watch a video all the way back into motion from the end to the beginning. This option has always been fun. So, where does this option exist in the popular platform of TikTok, and what creativity can we add into using this simplest and purest form of transition? Let’s take a look.

What Is The Reverse Filter?

Reverse Filter is probably one of the simplest TikTok filters ever. Nothin rocket science here as we have seen the feature for a long time growing up in different video editing apps. The same goes for this TikTok feature as it executes the same old trick. All this filter does is simply reverse the selected video and play it backward in motion. That’s it, nothing more nor less.

Of course, it sounds simple as it is. But it’s all about the game of creativity at the end. The fact how you plan to execute the reverse motion in your video and make it creative. Plus, standout amongst the other videos trending on the platform. Anyway, let’s take a look at where you can find the Reverse filter and put it into use.

Step 1: Finding The Reverse Filter

As usual, the first step would be to open the official app of TikTok. Using the TikTok camera, record a video you desire. You may also use an already recorded video from your storage and put it into use. Once finished recording or selecting the video you desire, tap the tick option right next to the record button. Then select the effects tab. The option looks like a clock right in the left corner at the bottom next to sounds and before the text.

Finding The Reverse Option On TikTok

Still From The Official Tik Tok App

Once inside the effects option, you may find a number of options you may put use into your video. For the Reverse filter, you have to hit the “Time” tab. There you may find a few different options, one of which is the reverse filter.

Step 2: Go Creative

So once you hit the Reverse button, your entire video would start playing backward in motion. For example, if you are moving your video inwards, the reverse option would make it look go outwards. Now, the point comes is to stand out.

So, to execute a beautiful video using the Reverse filter, you might want to dance to it, run, jog, climb the mountain, paint, or seriously whatever you might want to do. Add some song to it. The one you vibe with or the video vibes with it. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the sound as of now; that would have been more fun. But we will go with whatever we have.

Going Creative For The Reverse Filter

The Official Screenshots Of TikTok App

Furthermore, the app allows you to select the specific sections of the videos to use a certain filter on. The same goes with the Reverse option as well. While editing, using the two nods, you can select the part of the video you want to reverse, leaving the rest of the video as it is. Thus, making the video look creative as you want.

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